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Why I Became A Disney Travel Agent

For as long as I can remember, I have loved Disney.

My first trip to Disney World was at age 6. Many would think that since I was so young, I wouldn’t remember much of the trip. And while I don’t remember every little thing we did that summer, there are huge things that, even to this day, seem like it happened yesterday.

That is the magic of Disney.

And those are the memories I wanted my boys to have when they grew up. So, when they were little, I was determined to find a way to bring them there.  But, as always, the budget was (and still is) an issue.


Can we afford a Disney Vacation?

This is one thing that held us back from getting to the Happiest Place on Earth for a long time. I was overwhelmed by all the costs and choices that come along with booking a vacation. It’s a lot…I know! I was determined to get to Disney, but being the frugal person that I am, I had a hard time committing to spending that much money at one time.

So, what changed?

Well, I had been following a couple Disney fan blogs for awhile and I had seen that one in particular kept taking about the wonderful Travel Agents at Destinations to Explore. I researched everything, but I never considered “hiring” a travel agent.

I’m an “I can do it myself!” type of person and I kept thinking, “Why would I give someone part of my vacation budget to do something I can do myself?” But, as the FREE QUOTE kept staring me in the eye, I finally took the plunge and asked for a quote. Even as I did so, I didn’t take it too seriously. “It’ll probably be so expensive,” is what kept popping in my head as I waited to hear back from an agent.

I heard back from an agent in no time. Much to my surprise, the quote was not only within budget, I learned that there is NO COST to use an agent. That’s right! Every single penny goes to my vacation.

I was pleasantly surprised, but admittedly, still hesitant.

My travel agent was extremely nice and even gave me suggestions to help me make my decision. I soon learned the benefits of having a Travel Agent. I had researched so much in an attempt to plan the “perfect vacation”, but she was giving me tips that I hadn’t even thought of. I finally took the plunge and told her to book our vacation.

I was so excited!

After our vacation was booked, Disney came out with their dates for Free Dining. I asked my Travel Agent if it was something that applied to us, since it fell during the time we were going. She responded to me saying, “Absolutely!” She worked her magic and not only did she get us Free Dining, she got our room upgraded to a Preferred Room, AND our balance dropped a whopping $700!

My thoughts went from, “I can’t afford to use a Travel Agent,” to “I can’t afford to NOT use a travel agent!”

From then on, I decided I wanted to be the person that helped families create lasting memories. Memories like I have. Memories like my children now have. I wanted to do what my Agent did for me. So, that’s why I became a Travel Agent and Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. And I love it!


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