Get Any Gift Card for Less!

A little while ago, I found a great app that sells discounted gift cards. When I know that I’m going shopping at a specific store, I like to buy some of these before I head out to shop. I know I’m going to be spending the money, so why not get a discount before even stepping foot into the store?

Raise has been awesome! I know that some people get skeptical or nervous about buying discounted cards online, but I can say that from my experience, I have had absolutely no issues with the website, or the app. However, I also only purchase these cards when I know that I will be using them within a couple days of purchasing them. But, I urge everyone to be safe whenever you purchase anything online, especially during the Christmas Season.

I have found that this is a great way to add a few dollars, here and there, to a vacation fund, or whatever you are trying to save up for. I have a Target right down the road from me (Dangerous, I know!), so I like to shop there for groceries. Because I am on a budget, I make a list and gather up all of my coupons ahead of time, so I know, roughly, how much I will be spending before I get to the store. Therefore, I seem to buy Target Gift Cards most often. While there isn’t usually a huge discount for Target Cards, if I can throw $2-3 dollars into savings that would otherwise have gone to the store, I still call that a win. Some discounts aren’t great, some sell out fast (I’m looking at you, Disney Cards! :() but there are times when you can find some good ones. They change often, so keep looking!


I also like the option to sell gift cards that you know you won’t be using. This would be a great way to add money to your savings. You can choose the discount you will sell your card for, but Raise also gives your their suggestion, if you are having some trouble deciding. They also give you the amount you will earn, after Raise takes their fee, so there are no surprises as to how much money you will get once your Gift Card sells. Hopefully you will not receive gift cards to places you don’t like this Christmas. But if you do, you have a place to sell them.

Want to maximize your savings? If you use Raise online, you can also get 1% back by going through Swagbucks or Ebates! 

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