These Apps Are Just Waiting For You to Take Their Money

I love Grocery Apps! I have 2 growing boys who eat me out of house and home. I feel like I am always heading to the store for more food. So, I love that I can get some money back on items that I am buying anyway.

I like to save up until I have enough money to purchase one of those discounted Disney gift cards at Sam’s Club. It’s like getting $150 with of Disney Gift Cards for FREE. And who doesn’t like free?

I’ve put together a list of my favorite grocery apps. 

Ibotta – This Grocery App is my favorite! Not only is it my biggest money maker, it is super easy. You get money back on items you are already buying, and if you have Facebook, you can team up with your friends to earn bonuses. A little competition is healthy, right? My sister got a $10 bonus on New Year’s Eve just for buying 1 item at Walmart!! Not all bonuses are that big, but even the little amounts add up!!

Saving Star – This is another app that I have had a lot of luck with. Like ibotta, you just need to scan the grocery item and then submit your receipt to receive your rebate. The only differences is that you are able to put in a few store loyalty cards in…which is awesome because as long as the items are activated in your app beforehand, you don’t have to do anything besides scan your card at the register, like you normally do, to get the rebate.

**Notice to those of you with BJ’s Wholesale Club memberships – if you share a membership, although you have different card numbers, the first person to sign up for Savingstar will get the money back. I am a secondary user on my mom’s membership and when she tried putting in her membership number, she got a notice saying her card was already being used by a different member. We were confused until all of a sudden I noticed that her purchases were showing up as money in MY account! Thanks Mom!** 

Checkout 51 – Although Checkout 51 is a little bit of a slow earner for me, it’s still a good app. You don’t have to scan the products you buy, unless the rebate is a higher demonination. The receipt is proof enough that you bought the item. The biggest difference with this app over the other Grocery Apps is that Checkout 51 sends a check to your home. It does not give you the option to cash out online. So, if you plan on using that money, plan a couple weeks before the check arrives in the mail.

Mobisave – Mobisave is a slow earner. I admit it. But, what is good about this app is that when you redeem one of the rebates, the money goes directly into your PayPal account. Like most of these apps, you have to activate the offers before you head out shopping or else they will deny your receipt, even if you bought the correct item. But, they also have a lot of generic rebates, which is good for people like me who tend to get the store brand items when I don’t have coupons. Not many apps will give you 10 cents for buying ANY BRAND, instead of searching for something specific.

Find & Save – This app has always been a hit or miss for me. I either find a lot of offers that I could redeem or nothing at all. But, what I do like about this app is that once you hit $25, they automatically sent the money to your PayPal account. They also have all the weekly ads on the app, as well. It is nice to not have to search for an ad in the store. Instead, you can just pull out your phone and look it up.

Shopmium – I debated whether to put this one on the list or not. It used to be a lot better, but awhile ago they decided that a bunch of stores would no longer be accepted through the app. I was upset about that because they do have items that I actually use on their app, but stores I frequent were no longer allowed. However, they do seem to have higher rebates than the other apps, so I keep it on my phone in case I get lucky. Shopmium will also send the rebate right to your PayPay as soon as it processes, so you don’t have to wait to hit a certain price point before cashing out.

After I finish grocery shopping, I like to put the items that I know are going to be scanned on the kitchen table, along with my receipt/s, so everything is all set up for me. Then, one by one, I go through each app and scan away.

So, that’s my list. I used to have more on my phone, but after sitting on my phone for what seemed like an eternity, and earning me nothing, I decided to delete them
If you know of any other apps that are not on this list, I’d love to hear about them!

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