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Shop Your Way to Free Plane Tickets

There are so many reasons to love Southwest Airlines, and this is another reason why. Rapid Rewards Shopping! How would you like to earn points towards free plane tickets, just for shopping online?online-shopping-1929002_640


No, I’m not talking about ALL those credit card offers that we get in the mail and see on the internet. While those are also good ways to rack up the points, I have all the credit cards I need, thank you very much!

So, how do I earn points towards free plane tickets? All I do is make sure I go here before I make my online purchase. It is the same concept as Ebates and Shop and Earn on Swagbucks, but instead of earning cash back, you earn points.

Redeeming is very easy, as well. Look up flights as you would normally do, but remember to switch the button to Pts0124e308426fece556b77354b1c460aef95427d862And best of all, Southwest doesn’t have all those extra fees that you see on other airlines.Your bags fly free (up to 2 bags), and there are NO fees if, for some reason, you have to change your flights. I mean, how great is that?!? There is nothing worse than paying an arm and a leg for airfare and then getting to the airport and having to pay MORE to bring luggage with you.

This is one of the reasons that families decide not to go on vacation. Airfare costs SO MUCH and some can’t fathom sitting in a car for hours on end. That’s why I love Rapid Rewards Shopping! If I’m online shopping anyway, I might as well be earning some rewards in the meantime…And so should you!



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