Free Food at Walt Disney World? Yes, Please!

love getting free food at Disney! It is the only time in my life when I can order whatever I want and not have to worry about price. It’s also so easy to just scan your MagicBand and be on your way…especially when you have 2 kids and trays of food to worry about.

However, I know that the Meal Plan does not work for everyone. The main complaint I hear has to do with the cost and/or amount of food that the Meal Plan give you.You are entitled to so much food that some fear that they do not get their money’s worth, especially for families with young children. As for me, the convenience of already having my food paid for up front is enough for me. Disney does allow outside food to be brought into the parks. However, my kids are too old for strollers, so the thought of carrying a bunch of food in a backpack doesn’t appeal to me. We spend all day in the parks, so eating right there makes more sense for us. At the end of our trip, we convert all of our leftover credits for treats to eat on the ride home or give to family and friends. My niece loved the Rice Krispy Treat that I got for her during our last trip, using one of my Snack Credits. She couldn’t wait to eat it!

That’s why I think the new Disney World deal is perfect for those who are on the fence about whether the Meal Plan is right for your family. This deal gives you a taste of what the meal plan is like, without having to commit to the full plan. Instead, this deal will give you ONE Free Quick Service Meal, per person per night, between May 30 and August 24, 2017. (Free Food AND it’s available when the kids are out of school?  YaY! 🙂 )

If you have younger children who don’t eat as much, this could be the the perfect solution. By sharing meals, you could stretch that one free meal per person to cover more meals. Even if you decide that the meal plan is not for you, just think of all the money you saved! And in the end, isn’t that what we all want…a memorable vacation without breaking the bank?


**You must book a Value Resort Package by Feb 12th to take advantage of this deal. If you have any additional questions regarding this deal or any other deal that Disney has to offer, please feel free to ask**


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