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Memory Maker: Should you buy it?

Many people question whether Memory Maker is worth the cost to have it. You pay the initial cost to Disney, and then you have the cost of getting the photos printed when you get home.

It can really add up!

So what do I think about it?

Personally, I love it.

I don’t think I could ever go to Disney and NOT get Memory Maker. I still take LOTS of pictures with my camera and my phone, but there is one big difference between my photos and the photos on Memory Maker.

I’m actually in them!

Normally, I HATE having pictures taken of me. That’s one reason why I like being behind the camera. But who wants to go to Disney and not have any pictures of themselves to show for it?


Wonderful Interactions

The single best part of any meet-and-greet is the awesome interactions you have with wonderful Cast Members. This goes for the characters AND the PhotoPass Photographers!

Of course, you get that whether or not you purchase Magic Maker. All you need to do is hand your camera to the PhotoPass photographers and they will take the pictures. They will probably still take pictures with their camera and scan your MagicBand, as well, but you are not required to purchase them later on. If anything, you can just look at them on My Disney Experience (with a watermark over it).


More than just characters

One thing you can’t get with your own camera is getting those fun on-ride pictures and the Magic Shots. This is something only PhotoPass can give you.

From my understanding, if you opt to pay for individual photos, instead of purchasing the Magic Maker, it will cost $15 per photo. So, to make the cost worth it, I figured all I needed to do was find 10 photos that I wanted to print out.

Out of the hundereds (yes, HUNDREDS) of photos being added to Memory Maker during a one week vacation, who can’t find 10 pictures they absolutely love?


Save even more money on Memory Maker

Most people know that if you purchase Memory Maker at least 3 days in advance, you can purchase it for $169, instead of the usual $199.

But, how would you like to pay even less than that?



Are you traveling with family or friends? You can connect your friends and family to My Disney Experience and split the cost of the Memory Maker. You get all the perks for half the cost (or even less if you split it with even more people).

How do I know this works? I did just that on my last trip to Walt Disney World! My sister and niece were getting their photos taken with Tinkerbell while my sons and I were getting our photos taken with with Mickey Mouse. We stayed in different rooms and scanned different Magic Bands, but all the pictures were added to the same account.

Not a bad deal, if you ask me!


What do you think about Memory Maker? Will you be purchasing it for your next vacation?


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