Free Gift Cards Just For Driving Your Own Car

img_5146Have you heard of the new app called MileUp?

All you do is drive as you normally do. That’s it. Seriously, what is simpler than that?

If you drive a lot during the week, you even have the opportunity to earn bonus points. Just join the challenge at the beginning of the week and you are good to go.

If you’re worried about it eating up your data, I have the Data button switched to off and I never had a problem with my trips not syncing up. Once I am back home, it uploads on its own.

So, what can you earn with MileUp? You can redeem your points for gift cards, starting at $5, to Amazon, Domino’s, Game Stop, itunes, Nike, Regal, Target, and Walmart.

I’ve tried this app for a few weeks now, and overall, I like it. It’s really simple to use since you don’t have to do anything but drive. The only flaw I have found is that the location isn’t always accurate. My sons’ schools are only 1 mile from my house, but looking back at the map, I noticed it will start to track about 1/2 a mile down the road. It’s possible that turning on my data could fix this, but it doesn’t bother me enough use up my data trying to figure it out.

So, what do you think of this new app?


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