Bringing Your Own Food To Disney When It’s Hot Outside. Good Idea or Not?

Everyone wants to save money at Disney on food, right?

If you’re looking to save the most money on food, bringing your food to the parks is the way to go! Whether you pack extra snacks to tide you over between restaurant reservations or you pack your meals for the day, the one worry almost everyone has is, “How in the world am I going to keep my food cool when it is hot outside?

I have found that Backpack coolers are an ideal solution to this problem. Disney does allow you to bring food into the parks, but they do have some restrictions on the type of cooler you can bring them in. Basically, if it’s large or it has a hard side, with or without wheels, it’s out. Since this is a backpack, it’s completely complying with their rules. And the fact that it’s also a cooler just takes the cake. Now Save Money at Disney on Food.

This one in particular is decently priced and it has gotten good reviews on Amazon. And if you’ve looked at the reviews, many have even commented on their experiences with bringing them to Disney World/Disneyland.

If you’re worried that your sandwiches will get squished, you can always spring for some sandwich containers. I’m sure we all have plenty of Tupperware we could bring, but I love these character containers from the Dollar Tree.

How do you keep your food cool at Disney?


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