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Fuel Rod – Say Good-bye To Dead Cell Phones at Disney!

One thing that I had a hard time keeping up with was keeping my phone charged while I was at Disney. As you can imagine, my phone gets a lot more use in the parks than in my normal day-to-day life. Between taking pictures, opening up MyDisneyExperience to make sure I don’t miss our next Fastpass, or calling loved ones to see where they ran off to, my battery drained like crazy.


I knew that this would be a problem, so I made sure to bring my little cylindrical power bank to the Parks. It’s cute. It matches my phone cover. And under normal circumstances, it works fine.

But, the same external battery that works, without fail, when I’m running errands, failed me at Disney.

I would charge it in the hotel room before we left, yet by the time I needed it, it would be completely drained, most likely by the intense Florida heat. It was frustrating!

Well, it seems that Disney has listened to our complaints and had decided to so something about it.


Fuel Rods

To help guests with this problem, Disney has added Fuel Rod Charger Stations to the parks, so everyone can keep their phones going all day long. (No affiliate links within this post!)

You can buy them from Kiosks at Disney for $30, or if you want to buy them before your trip, you can buy them directly from their website for $20, plus $5 for shipping.

For a one time fee, you get a Fuel Rod and cords for both iPhone and Android phones. You just drop the empty Fuel Rod into one of the kiosks that are scattered around the parks and a charged Fuel Rod will pop out. How awesome is that?

I love the idea of being able to swap out the empty Fuel Rod for a charged one whenever I need a new one or bringing it back to your hotel at night and plugging it in to charge. It’s never been easier to keep all your devices all juiced up.

And since you can take them home at the end of the trip, you get bragging rights whenever anyone asks what a Fuel Rod is and where you got it. 🙂

What do you think of the Fuel Rod Charge Stations? Do you use them at the parks?

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