Spring Break Fun At Schlitterbahn

It’s been a crazy week, but I would like to share with you what we did during Spring Break.

I left it up to the boys where we would go during Spring Break. It was unanimous. They wanted to go to SCHLITTERBAHN!

Since the park is still running under their Winter Season, half the park is not open for guests. However, that also means that the admission price was just a fraction of what it normally costs during the Summer Season. While it would be fun to be able to play in the entire park, I will gladly take the cheaper admission price.

We love water parks. We have gone to many. But, I have to say that Schlitterbahn has the BEST  Lazy River! My boys liked to call it the Lazy Wave River because half of the River was like a typical Lazy River, but the other half is just like a Wave Pool. Of course, this Wave Pool part was a huge hit with the kids. I am not lying when I say that we spent half of our day in the Lazy River.

During the Winter Season, Schlitterbahn has many other their slides and pools inside, but there are a few slides and warm water pools that are open outside. It was on the chillier side on the day we went, so the outside pools and slides were far less congested. But, being the crazy people that we are, we decided to try everything out. The things we do for fun…Brrr!

We had a lot of fun. It is definitely somewhere we would go again.  The best part is that they allow coolers and food to be brought into the park, so you don’t need to spend money on food, unless you want to. I am glad that we decided to eat ahead of time and not bring food in with us, though. The lockers are extremely small. We only brought in a standard sized backpack to hold our clothes while we were in the water, and we had a very hard time fitting that into the locker. They do have a few larger lockers, but for double the price, I was determined to squish our belongings into the small one. Unless you feel comfortable taking over picnic tables and leaving personal items unattended, your belongings will not fit into the lockers.

IMG_5489On the way to the car, we took a minute learn a little bit about Hurricane Ike. It was actually quite scary to see exactly how much water was on the island that day. Since we have only been in the area for less than 3 years, we, luckily,  haven’t witnessed all the destruction that a hurricane can cause.

IMG_5493 Before we went home, we drove down the street to see the beach. Since I was driving, my son took this picture as we drove by. Not bad for being taken in a moving vehicle, huh?

We had a great day. We had an awesome time at the water park and we even took the time to learn a little bit about something we didn’t know anything about before that day. And who says that you can’t mix business and pleasure?


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