Keep Your Luggage Secure While You’re Traveling

I came across this this “hack” and I thought it was too good to not pass along.

Are you worried about people getting into your luggage at the airport? You’ve heard stories of luggages getting rummaged through or personal property getting accidentally spilled out.

Locks can break and those tiny keys can get lost. So, when I saw this hack, I said to myself, ” OMG! Why didn’t I think of this myself?”

The answer is Zip Ties!

They are super cheap. In fact, I found a pack of 100 for just $3.78 on Amazon. (However, Amazon does change their prices fairly often)

$3.78 is a pretty good investment when you think of the peace of mind you will have that all of your belongings will get to your destination in one piece. Just make sure you have a way to cut the zip ties once you get there!

What unconventional items do you use to keep your luggage away from prying eyes?

**This post contains an Amazon link. This comes at no cost to you, but by purchasing through this link, we will receive a small commission which helps Disney Solution keep on running, so thank you!**


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