Peter Pan’s Flight Makes Waiting In Line A Whole Lot More Fun

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Waiting in line at Disney Word is inevitable. Even on “slow” days, you’re not going to find many rides where you can walk right up to and ride. We have gone during one of these “slow” days and the most popular rides still had wait times of over 2 hours! Sorry, Disney. As much as I love you, I will NOT be standing in 2 hour long lines to ride.

Peter Pan’s Flight

Peter Pan is a Classic. I remember riding this ride over and over again when I was little and I still love riding it today. Unfortunately, everyone else feels the same way, so this is one ride that you MUST fastpass, unless you want to wait a long time! We were actually super lucky during our last trip and we were able to ride in record time…5 minutes! But, I will get into how we did that in a later post.

If you have to go through the Standby line, you will NOT be disappointed. This queue is so magical.



The decor makes you feel as if you have walked into the Darling’s house. The portraits, the beds, the toys…there is so much to look at.

There was so much to see that I had actually WISHED we had more time to look around and see everything. I don’t often wish that wait times were longer, but we had so much fun looking.


But then…the magic happened…in only a way that Disney can make it happen.


Tink went fluttering around the room, spreading magic to whatever she touched.

Your shadow can also play with the bells above their heads! We rang a few as we walked through the queue to the front of the line. 🙂

And with just a sprinkle of pixie dust and we were able to fly through Neverland. “You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!”


Make sure you put Peter Pan’s Flight on your “Must Do” list. You will not be disappointed.


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