Stop Spending So Much Time Waiting In Lines At Sam’s Club

I love Sam’s Club. I love the samples, the bulk items, and the cheap food in their cafeteria-like area. But, one thing I DO NOT like about Sam’s is how long I know it is going to be to cash out. Whether I go through the regular checkout lines or the self-checkout, for some reason, there is always a huge delay that causes me to add extra time to my shopping trip. Not fun!


Well, Sam’s Club has listened to their customers because they have come up with a solution. A way to cash out while you are in the store…without ever setting foot into a line. You scan the items that are in your cart as you shop and you pay right on an app, as if you were online shopping. The only difference is that you get your items right away. And them all you do is show your e-receipt to the attendant on the way out. Easy peasy…


Just look for this logo in your App Store

I’m telling you…this is going to change the way I shop at Sam’s.

Now if they would start accepting coupons…that would be perfect!


Don’t have a Sam’s Club Membership?

Good news! If you don’t have a membership, get one today and get $20 back. Sam’s Savings and Business Memberships are $45 per year and the Sam’s Plus Membership is $100 with an opportunity to earn back $10 per $500 you spent during the year. You may use the earnings for purchases, next year’s membership fees, or for cash.

Right now, Ibotta has a $10 Rebate off brand new Sam’s Club Memberships. Make sure you give the Reference Number when you purchase your Brand New Membership at the Service Desk. This Number can be found if you scroll to the bottom of the rebate.

New to Ibotta? Just click here to receive an additional $10, just for signing up. That means if you buy a Brand New Sam’s Savings Membership for $45, sign up for Ibotta, and submit a receipt for your Membership, you will pay just $25 for your Membership! Nice deal!

Hurry! This offer expires April 29th, 2017 

Checkout 51 also has a $10 Rebate for BRAND NEW Memberships. Submit your receipt and you can get an additional $10 off the price of your Membership. There is also a reference code listed under this rebate that will have to be mentioned upon signup, as well. You can unlock a Membership bonus of $10 when you spend $10 or more inside Sam’s Club, as well. Score!

Items must be purchased between April 27, 2017 and May 3, 2017

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