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“Mom, I’m Bored”

All moms have heard this at least once come out of her child’s mouth. This activity book is great for combating boredom while you are traveling. Because an entertained kid is a happy kid!

“Mom, I’m Bored” Children’s Activity Book

  • OBJECTIVE: The Mom, I’m Bored Activity Book will keep your child entertained and their mind stimulated with its games, puzzles, do-it-yourself designs and other activities.
  • CREATIVE DESIGN: This quiet book is made of durable, glossy cardstock and a strong spiral binding. It’s filled with dry-erase pages so your child can reuse this activity book over and over.
  • TRAVEL GAME: The Mom, I’m Bored Activity Book is 5½” wide and 9” tall with a binding that’s approximately ½” thick. It’s a travel game, sketchbook that will fit in your purse or glove compartment.
  • EDUCATIONAL GAMES: Learning is so much more fun with educational games. The Mom, I’m Bored Activity Book is not only great for keeping your child occupied, but it stimulates their brain too.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: The Mom, I’m Bored Activity Book comes full of 22 different activities. A dry-erase pen is also included and it fits perfectly in the spiral binding at the top.

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