Save BIG When You Shop At Boxed…$15, $25, AND 2.5% Cash Back Offers

Have you ever shopped online with Boxed? If you haven’t, you should…and here’s why.


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I love the Samples at Boxed! They aren’t some tiny sample like you normally receive. You get 2 full sized items with every order. You just have to pick 2 that you want and add them to your cart. This order, my “Samples” consisted of a 129 sheet roll of Paper Towel and 7 Towelettes of Neutrogena make-up remover.

First Time Shoppers Save $15

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If this is your first time shopping with Boxed, you can start off on the right foot and receive $15 off your order of $60 or more. You can find your $15 credit Here

American Express Cardholders Get A $25 Credit


If you hold an American Express Card, they have recently teamed up with Boxed to offer their cardholders one-time credit of $25 for orders of $65 or more. They state that you may have to wait 6-8 weeks to see the credit on your statement. However, I have the app for my American Express card and I saw my credit applied to my statement almost immediately. Just make sure that the Boxed Offer is activated on your card before you purchase. This offer is Valid through June 30, 2017.

Earn Cash Rewards

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You earn cash back to use on future purchases. You can either save up your rewards or redeem your cash back every time you purchase from Boxed. As you can see, I like to redeem mine. 🙂

Get 2.5% Back With Ibotta


If saving $15 off your first order, $25 back from using your AMEX, and earning Rewards isn’t enough, you can also earn an additional 2.5% back by going through Ibotta first.


It works the same as if you were going through Ebates, and programs like that. Just press the shop button on Ibotta and it will take you to Boxed. My cash back was pending for about 5 days before I saw the money go into my Ibotta account.

New to Ibotta? Get a $10 Welcome Bonus for joining. Just Click Here  to get your Bonus.

Can I Combine Offers to Get More Cash Back?

Sure…why not…

The $15 Offer didn’t apply to me because I have made purchases from Boxed before, but I went through Ibotta, redeemed $2 from a prior order to apply towards this order, and I paid with my AMEX, so I was able to save an additional $28.73 (on top of the $31.37 I had already saved by purchasing Sale items on Boxed). These are all items that I would have bought anyway, so I feel good about how little I spent.

How do you save money on your Grocery Shopping?


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