Stop By CVS For These Must-Need Items Before You Leave For Vacation

CVS is stocking up for the summer! During one of my recent trips to use my many Extra Care Bucks (I love them!), I found some great deals on items that will help cool you down and stay protected in the summer sun.


Even if you’re not vacationing at one of Disney’s many vacation destinations, this fan is still sure to be a hit. It’s not very big, but it gave off a good breeze…and look at the adorable LED lights! At $5.99, it’s definitely cheaper than buying a fan at the parks. Buy one ahead of time and pull it out when you’re in the parks, or by the pool, or lounging in the sand at the beach. Your little one will be so excited to get a new toy, but your wallet will thank you.


If you’d prefer an even smaller fan, CVS also sells these super cute fans for just $2.99. Mom and Dad can also cool themselves off with these misting fans. I may have to go back and pick some up for this summer.


No doubt you will be packing lots of sunscreen for your trip. But what happens when you go right from the plane to the parks? You won’t have access to your sunscreen until you make it to your hotel room later on in the day. Consider bringing one small FDA compliant suncreen in your carry-on, so that you won’t have to worry about burning up on your very first day. Like everything else, sunscreen in the parks is very expensive, so save your money for souvenirs and bring a small suncreen bottle from home. Make sure you look for deals!

Activity Packs



Whether you’re taking a plane or going for a road trip, these Travel Activity Packs are great for traveling….bonus for the designs! With over 100 activities to color and sticker, these should keep your little one busy for awhile. And who doesn’t love things that fit into cupholders?

The store isn’t limited to just these items. They also have flip flops, beach towels, coolers, pool toys, etc. You can get everything you’s ever need for the summer all in one place.

Now, who is ready for summer?


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