Pirates of the Caribbean Opens Today – Get Your Bonus Points and More

(Captain) Jack Sparrow is back in theaters today! Who else is excited? Aside from Captain Hook/Killian Jones :), Captain Jack Sparrow is my second favorite pirate.

Disney Movie Rewards

Make sure your Fandango is linked to Disney Movie Rewards. Your points will automatically be added to your account as soon as the movie ends. If your accounts are not linked…that’s ok. Take a picture of your movie tickets and upload them to Disney Movie Rewards. The points will take longer to show up in your account, but you will be credited.

Screenshot 2017-05-16 09.33.16

Have a Regal Crown Card?

Link your Regal Crown Card to your Disney Movie Rewards and you can earn Bonus points when you see these new movies in a Regal Theater.

May 5: Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 

May 26: Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales  

June 16: Cars 3

Screenshot 2017-05-22 10.45.28.png

…And More

Download the Pirates of the Caribbean Activity Packet by visiting Disney’s official Dead Men Tell No Lies page.  Kids will have fun creating a Spyglass, reading Bios, Studying Stars, creating your own stories, and more.

I have worked with children for many years. I full-heartedly agree that children learn through play. And this is the perfect example of how fun and education go hand in hand.

Screenshot 2017-05-07 22.55.40.png

Now, who wants to binge-watch the first 4 movies with me?


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