Exciting Things Are Happening At Disney World and Universal Studios

Pandora AND Volcano Bay are FINALLY OPEN! That means, it’s going to be a busy weekend at Disney and Universal Studios.

Since it’s Memorial Day Weekend, I can almost guarantee that these parks will be at Maximum Capacity! And after watching these videos, it’s no wonder why. Disney and Universal Studios have really outdone themselves.

Pandora:World of Avatar

Join the Jones Family (and my boss at Destinations in Florida ūüôā ) as they walk and ride their way through Pandora. They navigate a mystical river, fly on the back of a banshee, and walk under floating mountains. All I can say about this new area of Animal Kingdom is…WOW!

The opening of Pandora also brings the Satu’li Canteen Dining Hall, the Pongu Pongu Beverage Cart, and Windtraders Shop to purchase items from the beloved Avatar Movie.

While you are there, how about getting your face painted or collecting Collector Cards? Watch the video to see how cool the facepainting looks as it glows in the Na’vi River and listen to a cast member talk about the new collectible cards.

Make sure you’re on the lookout for Photopass Photographers. You just may end up with a Pandora themed Magic Shot.

Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay is not like any other water park you’ve seen before. The first thing you notice as you’re arriving to the park (and from the highway) is the 200-foot-tall volcano called Krakatau. It is breathtaking! During the day, waterfalls will cascade down the volcano. However, at night, the waterfalls transform to lava, giving the volcano a completely different look. You won’t be able to keep your eyes off of it.

There is so much to do to keep your whole family busy all day!

Don’t like standing in long lines? Universal Studios has thought of it all. Universal Studios has created the¬†TapuTapu. The¬†TapuTapu is a device that is given to you upon entry to the park. It holds your place in line, so all you do is show up at the time you are given so you can avoid waiting in a long, hot line. The TapuTapu must be returned to the park when you leave for others to enjoy. Along with¬†lessening the congestion of the lines,¬†¬†Universal Studios’ objective was to eliminate the need to carry those big, heavy tubes all over the place. These changes should create a more enjoyable experience, and less meltdowns from the little ones.

Check out the video to see all the fun features that Volcano Bay has to offer.

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