Get Rewarded When You Buy Drinks This Summer

Today is the our last day of school, which means that as of 4PM, summer has officially begun! We love summer. We love the heat, the swimming, the fun day trips… However, that also means that I will have 2 growing boys eating everything in the house on a daily basis. Screenshot 2017-06-01 12.36.02I’ve already spoken about My Coke Rewards, Kellogg’s, and more here. But I’ve recently discovered Find Your Flavorite Rewards. (It is NOT a typo…make sure you stick the little L in there!) Just like the other reward programs, all you need to do is upload a recent receipt showing your purchase of Kool-aid, Crystal Light, Mio, Country Time, and Tang and choose your Reward.

Screenshot 2017-06-01 12.37.32

Want to save even more?

A few weeks ago, there were coupons in the newspaper, making it an even better deal.

Missed these coupons? No problem! You can find links to the coupons below

country time Tang or Country Time – $1 off of TWO Mixes, EXP 6/25/17

crystalCrystal Light – $1 off TWO Liquid or Powder Mixes, EXP 6/25/17

mioMio – $1 off TWO Liquid Water Enhancers, EXP 6/25/17

Tip: It’s no secret that Disney will hand out Free water to anyone who asks for it. But did you know that the water comes right from the tap? No offense to Disney, but whenever I travel, tap water from other places always tastes a little off to me, so I like to slip some Mio or Crystal Light Individual Packets into my backpack. I stay hydrated, but it keeps me from spending a fortune on drinks.



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