DIY Travel Toothbrush Holders

Even after all the trips we’ve gone on lately, we were still using Ziplock bags to carry our toothbrushes in. I don’t know what has taken us so long. It’s not like they’re expensive. We just didn’t have any.

Recently, I was in the Dollar store to get some posterboard for my son’s school project and I saw these toothbrush holders. I figured it was about time we had something better than ziplock bags. And for $1 per 2-pack, it wasn’t a bad investment.

I knew I wanted to use my Cricut to decorate the Toothbrush Holders, so when I was gathering all my supplies, I also grabbed some Rubbing Alcohol. Vinyl sticks to plastic surfaces really well, but I like to clean the surface with the Rubbing Alcohol, just in case there are some residual oils from manufacturing or even from me handing them.

I simply opened Cricut Design Space and wrote out our names, using the Waltograph font that I love so much.  If you don’t already have it, you can download the font for your own personal use at Mickey Avenue or Da Font. I’ve downloaded many fonts from Da Font and I’ve never had any issues.

Once everything was cut out and all the unnecessary vinyl was weeded out, I simply used my transfer paper and placed it on the Holder.  Love it…


For the other side of the holder, I knew I wanted to decorate it with something we all liked. The problem is, the area is very small (roughly 1″ x 1″) so whatever I used, it couldn’t have a lot of detail. I’m actually pleasantly surprised how well the flags on Cinderella’s Castle and Spiderman came out. I certainly did not expect to get the results I did.

After getting wonderful results from the Castle and Spiderman, I got overconfident and tried cutting out Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh’s faces. Even though it was only their faces, the lines ended up being too thin and as soon as I started to weed the vinyl, the whole thing fell apart. So, I had to go with a classic Mickey Head. I found the most basic Winnie the Pooh Silhouette I could find and went with that. I wish they had more detail to them, but I guess they do the job. The boys are happy with the results, so that’s all that matter. They did choose the characters, after all.

IMG_6028IMG_6026 (Edited)

Overall, I’m very happy with the way they turned out. And they’re certainly an improvement over the Ziplock bags. They have already made it into our “Disney Bin”, along with some ponchos I also picked up from the Dollar Store and lots and lots of Samples that I get in the mail.

We can’t wait til September!


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