Dishwasher Sign Made From…Window Blinds?

This is a project that has taken WAY too long to make. At least once a day, I hear the dreaded phrase, “Are the dishes clean or dirty!” Well, no more!

There were a few window blinds we needed to replace in the house, so I was looking online to get some idea as to how much it would cost. As I was looking, I noticed that there are SO MANY shades of white. How was I supposed to know the exact shade of my blinds? Luckily, lets you order some free samples to compare to your existing blinds, so the new ones don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Now, a normal person probably would have just tossed the samples in the garbage as soon as they figured what color he/she would need. However, the crafty part of me knew that I could use them again for something. I just didn’t know what.

Enter the Dishwasher Sign

Materials Used

  • A piece of faux wood blinds
  • Magnetic Tape Strip
  • Vinyl letters or Stickers
  • Craft Glue (optional)

This probably took all of about 10 minutes to make. And most of that time was spent cutting the vinyl out on my Cricut and weeding it. Stickers would work, as well. However, I would probably cover it with some Mod Podge if I were to use the stickers. You may not need it, but I would just be afraid of letters peeling.

I looked through my little bags of scraps and I just picked one that matched my decor and matched the size I needed. The teal worked perfectly.

This part is optional. The magnetic strip does come with adhesive on the back and it does seem pretty sticky, but I thought it wouldn’t take too long for the magnet to pull away from the blind with all the use it was going to get, so I just added a thin layer of craft glue before I put it into place. I didn’t even have to trim the magnet. It was the perfect size. This was so easy! I have no idea why I didn’t make it earlier.



The only thing that was left to do was stick it on the dishwasher. Now my kids have no reason not to put their dishes away!

The best part is that since I had all of the materials at the house already, this cost me NOTHING!


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