Would You Forgo Mousekeeping If You Were Given A Gift Card?

Mousekeeping is the endearing term given to the housekeepers who work for Disney.

It is rumored that Disney World will be running a trial at a few of the Value Resorts. Receive a $20 Gift Card per day that you do not use Mousekeeping.


How would you receive clean towels and toiletries?

Well, you are still entitled to everything that are dropped off by the Mousekeepers, but instead of these items “magically” appearing in your room, you would have to ask for them. The only thing you would not be entitled to is clean sheets, garbage emptied, and general daily cleaning including vacuuming. I’m sure no one would say no if you were to request some new sheets. You would just have to put them on yourself.

So, what would I do?

As much as I love coming back to a clean room, seeing my sons’ stuffed animals propped up in the window, and fresh toiletries, the frugal part of me finds the chance to get a free Gift Card a hard thing to pass up. Besides, aside from eating a quick breakfast in the room before leaving in the morning, our days are spend out and about, so we’re rarely in the room anyway. Since I could get fresh towels whenever I asked, I guess the only thing I would truly miss would be my garbage being emptied. And it seems silly to pass up on a $140 Gift Card, just for empty trash cans.

How can you join in the testing?

It appears that the only way that you can get the Gift Card is to be invited directly by Disney. At this time, I don’t think that you can voluntarily opt out of Mousekeeping to get the Gift Card.


What do you think? Would you opt to keep Mousekeeping or would you take the Gift Card?


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