Items I Always Pack That No One Thinks Of – Printable Packing List

A Disney Vacation is like no other, so why would I think packing for one would be any different? We remember to bring clothes (hopefully), toiletries, and electronics, but what about those thing that we bring to Disney that we wouldn’t even think of bringing on other vacations?

Which is why I created my own Packing List with Disney in mind. (Look for downloadable PDF at the end of this post) I didn’t need a super long Packing List. I just needed something that had all the essentials, and those “extra” things that help make my time at Disney run more smoothly. 

I laminated my List and placed it in my Vacation Planner, so when it comes time to pack (yay) I can cross items off as I pack them and save it for the next vacation.

Aside from the obvious, what are some things that I can not do without?

  • Dish Soap – The food courts have little sinks that are the perfect size to rinse out the Refillable mugs. But, that’s as clean as they get because you will not be able to find any soap nearby. After a day of refilling these bad boys, our mugs need a thorough cleaning. I always bring a little travel size container of dish soap, or some Paper Towels with Dawn soap in them, so I can start each day with a clean cup.
  • Ziplock Bags –  Whether it’s to be used for bringing snacks into the parks, saving snacks for later, or as phone protection on rides where there’s a chance it could get wet, I always manage to use them somehow.
  • Power Strip –  The most popular forgotten item is the phone charger. It’s easy to overlook if you don’t notice it plugged into the wall or your electronic devices are scattered around the room. This is why I bring a small Power Strip with me. This way, I can plug in my phone, ipad, external battery for my phone, and my camera in one place. It’s hard to forget chargers when everything is located in one place.
  • Moleskin/Bandaids – This is a MUST for me. I wear the same shoes to Disney that I do to take my dog out for a walk, go to the zoo, park, or even other amusement parks. But, for some reason, Disney is the only place that gives me sores on my feet. Now if I suspect something is coming on, I cover it before it has a change to get really painful. Because there is no way I’m going to slow down at Disney.
  • Travel Laundry Detergent/ Fabric Softener – I’ve learned my lesson. No one thinks they will be doing laundry on their vacation (at least I don’t). But, what happens when your child spills something on their clothes, or if they’re like my child, runs out of socks mid-week? Now, I make sure I’m prepared…just in case…


You ready? Now is the time to grab your Free Downloadable PDF Packing List! Seriously…we don’t even ask for your email address, so pass it along to friends, family, and anyone else you know! We would really appreciate it!





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