Toy Story Land to open Summer 2018

Disney is forever changing, just as Walt Disney wanted.

Over the next few years, you will notice many changes that will be made in multiple Disney Destinations and Disney Cruises. It is all so exciting. But, perhaps the one change that I am most excited for is the addition of Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios is Disney World. In addition to new rides, Disney promises that you will feel as though you have been shrunk down to the size of a toy from the minute you step foot into Toy Story Land.

D23 was filled with information regarding the plans for this new Toy Story Land. It was officially announced that the Land will be completed by Summer 2018. We are already planning our trip for next year, so I am so excited that everything will be finished when we go back. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing the progress being made when we make our way to Hollywood Studios this Sept.

The Rides

There will be a new Family-style coaster called Slinky Dog Dash. There are no big drops, so it will be great for younger riders (think 7 Dwarfs and Big Thunder). Guests visiting Hollywood Studios have already noticed the track going up. I love all kinds of coasters, so I am looking forward to seeing this ride completed.

The other ride that will be coming will be called Alien Swirling Saucers, which has the original Toy Story Movie in mind. Andy received new toys at Pizza Planet. You are in one of his rocket toys as aliens fly around, trying to catch you. Of course, the ride wouldn’t be complete without “The Claw”.


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