Day One of a Very Busy Week

We are at the beginning of a very busy week!

As some of you already know, I live in Houston now, but I haven’t always. We moved here from NY almost 3 years ago. So, when family from back home decide to come visit us, it’s a huge deal. To say that my boys are excited its an understatement!


I will be working limited hours this week.

I will still be checking my email and Disney Solution throughout the week, but please be patient if I don’t see your comments or questions until later on in the evening.

Those of you with active Bookings, fear not…I will still be keeping up with the promotions and if there is one that applies to you, I make sure I’m on top of it and apply those savings to you. Obviously, my family knows the work I do.

I look forward to sharing the fun things we did over the week with you. And hopefully I’ll get some pretty cool pictures, as well!

Have a Magical Week!


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