Earn Gift Cards Without Spending A Dime on Shopkick

I’ve had Shopkick for quite a few years now. What’s great about this app that unlike other Store Apps, you don’t have to purchase anything to earn points, or “Kicks”. However, you can earn additional Kicks when you go through Shopkick for purchases. I’ve earned gift cards for many years without ever spending a dime. Will I become a millionaire from this app? No… But, if you’re looking for some FREE gift cards, this is a good one.

There are a few different ways to earn kicks

  • Videos: If you look around, you can sometimes find short videos to watch to earn a few Kicks. They’re not long, often the length of a commercial.
  • Walk-ins: Yes, you can earn Kicks just by walking into a store. Just open the app and click the store you are at and walk in. If the app is not recognizing that you are in the store, turn on your Bluetooth.
  • Scans: This takes a little more time, but again…it’s free. Just look for the item being showed in the app and scan the barcode to get your Kicks. I ask my kids to help me find items in the store. They’re happy to help because they know the more I scan, the closer we get to a free vacation.
  • Kicks Online: This part is new and can be earned from the comfort of your own home. You can now earn Kicks just for visiting a website or viewing an item. Just look for Visits and Views under Kicks Online to see how many Kicks you can earn.
  • Receipts: If you do purchase one of the items that you scan in the store, make sure that you submit a photo of your receipt. You will earn additional Kicks for these purchases.
  • Purchases: Earn Kicks per $Dollar when you shop online and go through Shopkick first (Exactly like Swagbucks Shop and Earn and Ebates). You can also earn Kicks when you link your credit card to your account and use that credit card in the store.


Starting at just 500 kicks, you will have many different Gift Cards to choose from. What’s great is that as soon as you redeem your Gift Card, you’ll find it under My Rewards in the App.


**I was not paid in any way, shape, or form for this post. Everything posted is my own opinion and written with YOU in mind to help save you money.**


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