I Got A Free Air Filter And You Should Too

Like many people, I love free offers, free products, free samples…you get the idea. So, when I saw that I could get one FREE air filter, my eyes lit up. My plan was to get my free filter and then cancel the service. I even placed FilterEasy on my list of “Remember to Cancel” items so I wouldn’t get billed in 3 months.

Get your own “Remember to Cancel” List here

So, I filled in my info and I was sent my Free filter. I happily switched out our old filter and replaced it with the new one.

About a month later, I logged in to cancel. And that is when I made the decision to NOT cancel. Confused? Yeah…I was too.



I actually browsed the site and looked at all the options. I realized that I was paying the same price, possibly even more than what FilterEasy was offering. Why am I putting myself through the hassle of making a trip to the store (and oftentimes forget to get the filter I went out for) when I could just set my own schedule, price, and just wait for the filters to come to me?


You ready to get your own FREE Filter?



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