Ways To Save For Any Vacation

So, you’ve decided to go on a vacation. You’ve even gone so far as to get a quote to see how much your Vacation will cost you.

For many people, this is where the journey ends. But, what if I told you that you can go on vacation without taking any money out of your paycheck or bank account?

We are proof that it is possible. We’re Going To Disney World For Free!


Here are some ways that you can save for any vacation

  • Swagbucks – This is my FAVORITE way to pay for my vacations. Since January 1st, I’ve put $740 towards my vacation, and I still have money being added to my account as we speak. I’ve heard many excuses as to why someone “doesn’t have time” for Swagbucks. I don’t want to sound harsh but, if I have the time to Swag between being a full time mom, helping families book their dream vacations as a Travel Agent, AND running Disney Solution, then so do you. Best of all, you can start off with a $3 Bonus when you use my affiliate link here.
  • Grocery Apps – My grocery budget is a mere $100 per week (or $400 a month). Obviously, this would not be possible without coupons, sales, and Grocery Apps. Not only do I get cash back for items I buy anyway, I get bonuses for working with Teammates and redeeming certain items. Since January 1st, I’ve put $262.07 towards my vacation, just for doing my grocery shopping.
  • Receipt Apps – I’ve had issues with Receipt Hog deciding to cancel my Account. And more recently, Yaarlo has seemed to close business with absolutely no warning (and taking about $30 worth of my earnings with them). But, there are still Apps, like Receipt Pal, that will earn you cash just for taking a picture of your receipts.
  • Rewards Programs – Just like Grocery Apps, if you’ll be buying certain Brands anyway, consider signing up for their Rewards Program, if they have any. If you’re dreaming of a Disney Vacation, sign up for Disney Movie Rewards. Eat Kellogg’s or drink Crystal Light? They’ve got Rewards Programs, too. Since January 1st, I’ve added $157.05 towards my Vacation from Reward Programs.
  • Cash Back for Online Shopping – I really don’t shop online a lot, but when I do, I always check to see if I can get some cash back before I hit that Purchase button. Some of the sites include Ebates, Swagbucks Shopping, Top Cash Back, and Rapid Rewards Shopping.
  • Sell Unused/Unwanted Items – Since I have 2 growing boys, there seems to be an unending number of clothes and toys that they have outgrown. While I know that the return on my items aren’t as great, it’s so convenient to bring them to Once Upon A Child or Kid2Kid and receive cash within an hour. I’ve also recently decided to give Swap.com a try, and while I find their service to be quite slow (it took them almost 2 months to look through my box), the return on my clothes do seem to be greater than when I brought my items to Plato’s Closet or other online consignment sites I’ve tried. Use this referral link to get a 20% off discount.
  • Mystery Shopping – I’ve you’ve got some spare time, consider doing some Mystery Shopping. There are apps like Mobee and EasyShift that show you what is available in your area and how much you will get paid for completion of your shop. I received a $10 Dunkin Donut Gift Card from Mobee after completing just 2 shops.
  • Babysitting – Earn a little bit of extra cash by helping out a friend or neighbor. The same goes for Petsitting, Housesitting, Dog Walking, etc… I’ve babysat for a neighbor a few times when their regular sitter fell through, and although I always tell them that payment is not necessary, they always insist on paying something. 
  •  Uber/Lyft – If you have a car and don’t mind picking up strangers, you might consider becoming an Uber or Lyft driver in your spare time. I know someone who drives a few hours on his day off so he can earn some extra spending money.
  • Crafty? – Some people can make good money selling their crafts. Etsy is a great place to show off all your amazing things, but there’s also something special about a good old fashioned Craft Sale. I love when there’s a craft sale in my neighborhood.
  • Location-Based Apps – I’m not one for broadcasting where I am 24 hours a day, but I do have a couple location-based apps on my phone. SurveyMini and PanelApp will reward you for points, which can be redeemed for Gift Cards, just for answering questions about where you’ve been. They do not post your whereabouts.
  • Losing Weight – It may sound silly, but I actually make money when I lose weight. I use DietBet to keep me motivated. Of course, the extra money doesn’t hurt, either.


Try one or try them all…guaranteed that once you start earning free money, you’ll be hooked.


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