Learn From My Disney World Mistakes, So You Don’t Do The Same

There is no “one size fits all” to a Disney World Vacation. But, you can learn from our mistakes, so you can have a better vacation.

Top Mistakes To Avoid

Scheduling Too Much On Arrival Day

You’re so pumped after months and months of planning, that you just want to get into the parks as soon as you can. I get it…I feel the same way. But, regardless of how you get there, you may be too tired to enjoy what is going on once you actually make it there. This is why on my arrival days, I use it as a day to relax by the pool, walk around the amazing Resorts, and go to Disney Springs. I can go at my own pace and if I’m too tired, I can just skip something.


Assuming Your Child Is Too Old For A Stroller

There is not many things that are more frustrating than when your child suddenly stops walking and wants to be carried because they’re too tired. Even if your child doesn’t use a stroller at home anymore, it doesn’t mean they won’t need one at Disney World. Yes, bringing strollers onto Disney Transportation is a pain in the neck, but so is a cranky child. If the Transportation is too much of an issue, you can rent them in the parks. They stay in the parks, making traveling between parks stroller-free. Just keep your receipt if you plan on visiting multiple parks in one day or you paid for multiple days. Once you show cast members you have already paid for your rental, you can just grab another stroller.


Not Booking Dining Reservations

If you want to eat at a specific restaurant, make sure you are making those reservations in advance (or telling your Travel Agent which restaurants you want and have him/her book them). On our last trip, I wrongly made the assumption that, while I wanted to eat at Be Our Guest, since I was traveling with 3 boys, I would be the only one who would enjoy the Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant. You know what they say about assuming… As we walked by Beast’s castle, I had a few sad faces looking back at me when they found out we didn’t have reservations. So this time around, I made sure that when 180 days rolled around, Be Our Guest was the first restaurant I booked.


Not Scheduling Down Time

Remember what I said about scheduling too much on arrival day? Well, the same goes for other days as well. Avoid temper tantrums and meltdowns by taking a break during the day. The best time to do that is around lunch time when the parks are busiest and the sun is blazing. Even pre-teens like mine need a break from time to time.


Following The Crowds

Did you know that since a majority of the population is right handed, crowds instinctively gravitate towards the right, making the left slightly less crowded? (Thankfully I’m a lefty so I naturally go left 🙂 ) At night, if you stay for Happily Ever After, Fantasmic, etc… following the crowds will lead you to the exit and right to the overly crowded Bus lines. Last trip, we watched Fantasmic, but instead of following the crowds to the exit, I walked to Rockin’ Roller Coaster. The wait time said that it was 30 minutes, but I was riding within 15-20 minutes. It was just enough time for the crowds to die down a little bit.

Did you know that you can watch Happily Ever After from the Polynesian? It’s right next to Magic Kingdom and there are speakers to listen to the music, so while it’s not exactly the same as standing right in front of Cinderella’s Castle, it’s a good alternative if you want to avoid the crowds.


Did you know that there is an entrance to Animal Kingdom inside Rainforest Cafe? If the lines at the entrance to the park is too long, consider checking inside Rainforest Cafe to see how many people are standing in line to get into the park. We did that during our latest trip to Animal Kingdom and we were the ONLY ONES IN LINE!

Not Expecting The Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected may be meant for Big Brother, it also works for Disney World. No matter how much you plan, everything will not go 100% the way you want it to. Rides will close for unexpected repairs. Potty calls and hungry tummies might derail your plans. While planning for Disney World is essential, realize that not everything will go perfectly. And that’s OK. Just enjoy what you are able to do and don’t dwell on the things you couldn’t.

What advice do you have for future travelers?





6 Replies to “Learn From My Disney World Mistakes, So You Don’t Do The Same”

  • I totally agree about not scheduling so much on your arrival day! We always arrive in the morning/early afternoon, use a couple of hours to relax around our hotel, then hit Magic Kingdom (always first day :)!!) My husband and I don’t have kids, so with our half day in MK we can still get a lot done if we set our minds to it, but we don’t stress about it! If we miss something today, we know exactly when we’ll be back. In fact, sometimes we skip things on purpose just to keep the suspense alive!

    We are big foodies, so choosing our lunch and dinner reservations is the first thing we do after we book our trip! It gives us time to look forward to the atmosphere and the menu of our choices.

    Something I would recommend would be to carry a reasonable backpack/drawstring bag that won’t be a hindrance! We use drawstring bags and stock them with a bottle of water (which we refill at water fountains all day), snacks, a poncho, a portable phone battery, and sunscreen. Park maps, Tylenol, your autograph book, and a light hoodie are also good things to pack. But remember – you don’t need to pack everything, and you have to carry your bag all day! Keep it reasonably sized so you can carry it comfortably on rides, and light enough to where your back won’t be breaking by the end of the day!

    • I have a friend back home that gets off the plane and goes right to MK. I would be one to do that, but it’s definitely harder to do that with kids. They need to settle in a little before we do anything. And that’s ok. We always go for 7 days, so we have the time to see things.

      I absolutely agree about the backpack! I do carry a larger bag, only because it’s easier for me to grab my water bottle on the side, but I’m careful not to over-stuff it. If we buy something that we think would be a pain to carry around for the day, we like to have it shipped to our hotel room. We did that a lot on our last trip. We just had to pick it up at the resort the next day. It was easy and it definitely saved our backs!

      Thanks for the comment! I enjoyed it!

      • YES!! That’s definitely another great tip, having purchases sent back to the hotel! What a fantastic system they have. Sometimes we forgot what we bought and it was a surprise when we opened the package! XD

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