It’s All About The Planning – Free Disney Planner Printables

There are so many cute printable Disney Planners out there, but some were really heavy on the ink. So, I decided to create one with my printer (and pocket book) in mind…cute, functional, AND something that will not require me to change ink cartridges in between pages.

My Disney Planning Binder

What’s included?

Travel Information – Perfect for keeping all of your Travel Information in one place.

Disney Planner – A 3-day Planner to keep track of all your plans in one convenient location. Print one or many pages, depending on the length of your vacation.

Dining Reservations – Perfect for keeping track of all your Dining Reservations. Print one or many pages, depending on how many reservations you need.

Payment History – Keep track of your payments, so you know exactly how much you need to save.

Disney Packing List – Never forget to bring anything again!

You may also want to include Baseball Card Sheets to hold all of your Disney Gift Cards and/or Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Tickets (they are the same size as gift cards).

My Vacation is paid in full using only Gift Cards

My son often asks me why I put smiley faces on the front of the gift cards. When I use the gift card to pay off part of our balance, I use the little sticky notes so I know which ones now hold a $0 balance and which ones still have money on them. My son told me I should use frowny faces because there’s no money on them. But, once I told him that the smiley face means we’re closer to paying off our vacation, he was convinced.

But, isn’t it difficult to pay with all those gift cards?

There is a handy website called Disney Gift Card. You are able to transfer amounts from multiple Gift Cards onto one. Each card can hold a maximum balance of $1000. If you notice in my picture, I have a designated Gift Card marked “Primary”. That is the card that all of my Disney Gift Cards gets transferred onto. Once I get a few hundred dollars on that card, I just pay down the balance while I work on getting more Free Gift Cards2017-08-19.png

You can find all of your information, including your fastpass+ times and restaurant reservations, on the My Disney Experience App, but I find it so much easier to do my planning when I have the information right in front of me. And since I laminated my planner, I can reuse the same pages over and over again.

Need help planning your vacation? Let us help you…free of charge. Start your planning right and get your free Quote!



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