We have to fly for HOW LONG?? 😱😱

Last night, I got a text that I’ve been sort of anticipating, but dreading. Our direct flight to Orlando this Wednesday : Cancelled! Our flight back home is fine, as well as our Disney World reservation. But none of this means anything unless we can get there.


Of course, I went to work right away trying to find another flight. Easier said than done when you have loads of people trying to do the very same thing. It also didn’t help that Southwest’s website seemed to be going crazy on me. All I was getting was error messages. Frustration was setting in.

I got some work done and decided to check one last time. Hurray! Our flights had been rescheduled…AND we can still fly into Orlando Wednesday! Ok…I can be happy again! Then I looked at our itinerary. 12 1/2 hours!!

What?? It seems we will be traveling all over the north, circling my old stomping grounds before I will finally make it to Disney. As much as I love Disney, do I really want to be spending ALL DAY flying around? If I had long enough layovers, I could invite a cousin, a friend, and my whole family on my dad’s side to come visit us at 3 of the 4 airports we’ll be hitting. But, it doesn’t look like we’ll be leaving the plane…for 12 hours!!…so we can’t even do that.

I checked the website once again to see if there was a better option. Who am I kidding? ANYTHING is a better option. It seems there is a couple flights available Thursday. However, the problem is that flights that are cancelled due to Irma are given a ONE TIME transfer, free of charge. Which means, if we used that to switch our flight to Thursday (and a much more manageable 4 hour trip with 1 layover) and that flight gets cancelled (which is a definite possibility), we are out of luck and out our money. We could cancel the insane flight, get our refund, and rebook the better flight, which would give us a refundable ticket. But, flights are now 3 times what they were when I booked them.


Think Think Think

For now, we are keeping our insane itinerary. By Monday or so, we should know whether or not the Thursday flights will be cancelled. We know it’s a possibility those flights will be sold out come Monday. But, we’re willing to take that change right now.

So, plans are still up in the air. Are we going? Are we not? I really don’t know.

I know it seems like we’re putting a lot of thought and changes in something that some has seen as “just a vacation”. Irma is changing the lives of so many people. Having just gone through Harvey, we know the destruction. We were very lucky. Our neighborhood was spared any sort of damage. But, I know that I can drive just 5 minutes down the road and see plazas that are totally shut down due to water damage and the sides of the roads are filling up with things that were once a part of people’s lives. This is not “just a vacation” to us. You know the panic and uncertainty that Florida is feeling right now? That was us just 2 weeks ago. I have family and friends scattered all throughout Florida. Some even work at Disney World. I would love to check on them and make sure they’re alright. Yes, I am looking forward to Be Our Guest and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, but most importantly, I want to make sure those I care about are ok and show them we’re ok, too.



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