Enter To Win Your Very Own Surprizamal

The Giveaway is now over! Congratulations to BrookeLynn and April. Enjoy your Surprizamals!

I am so excited! This is Disney Solution’s first-ever Giveaway. This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile and I am so grateful to finally be doing it.

What is a Surprizamal?

A Surprizamal is a super adorable pop out play friend who like to hide inside Surprizaballs.  They fit in the palm of your hand, which make it the perfect stocking stuffer, Easter basket filler, or even as a treat. And the best part is, you never know which animal you’re going to get!

My kids were so excited when the package was opened and saw the Surprizamals sent to me by the wonderful people at the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company. We had seen them in the stores, but they had never had any of their own. We were sent 5 different Surprizaballs from Series 4.


The boys thought that they would be sneaky and tried looking really closely at the Surprizaballs to figure out which animal was in each one. As hard as they tried, they really had no idea which animal was inside. So, they each picked one and tried to guess which one they got. I guess they didn’t realize that I was going to capture their reactions when they opened them up, so as I was trying to get my camera and lighting ready, they ripped into their Surprizaballs. They were just too excited.


My kids were happy with the animals they chose. Penguins and dogs are popular animals in our house! Inside each ball was a list of all the animals, their names, and whether they are common, rare, or ultra rare. The boys had fun reading the tags and finding out all about their new friends. My son started laughing when he read about his friend. “Mommy! My Stanley likes puzzles just like the Stanley on ‘The Office’!”



This little handsome boy saw how much fun the boys were having, he just had to get in on the fun. Who said that Surprizamals had to just be for kids?


Now for the fun part…It’s your turn to own your very own Surprizamal!

 Enter here to win your very own Surprizamal

I have 3 Surprizamals to give to my wonderful readers. Clicking the link above will open another tab. There are multiple ways to enter! Choose one or choose all! More entries give you a higher change of winning. Winners will be chosen at random on September 25th, 2017 (Which means multiple entries MAY result in you winning more than one). Remember to check your email around that time to see if you won. If I do not hear back from you in 24 hours, I will have to choose another winner. Good luck!


Disclosure – I was compensated with the Surpramals in exchange for my honest review of the product. All opinions are all my own.  


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