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Port Orleans – Riverside

This is the first time we’ve stayed at either Port Orleans. All I can say is that you have to see it for yourself. Not only is it gorgeous,  it is so calm and quiet. There were people swimming at Old Man River, and we barely heard them. I would have to say that is the biggest difference I’ve seen from the Value Resorts, aside from the large statues. I absolutely the fun atmosphere and the theming of the value resorts, but it’s been so nice to just have a quiet stroll to our room…especially since it’s a little bit of a walk to the Lobby and restaurants. (It’s ok Disney, I forgive you)

If you’re unfamiliar with Port Orleans Riverside, it is a beautiful property filled with southern charm. The resort is made up of 2 different areas, Magnolia Bend and Aligator Bayou. Magnolia Bend looks just like old Southern plantations with wrap around porches, while Aligator Bayou has a more rustic feel. If you’re looking for a little more Disney Magic, Royal Rooms can also be booked in Magnolia Bend. Who doesn’t like a little magic in their day?

We like Alligaor Bayou because it is the only set of rooms in the resort that has 2 Queen Beds and a Murphy Bed. It’s perfect for those who have a family of 5 or children who don’t like to share with his/her siblings. We thought it would be a big deal to figure out who got the Murphy Bed, but luckily, the boys figured it out on their own.

We haven’t had a chance to fully explore the resort yet, but it’s a great resort to relax and chill at. You can go swimming at one of the resort’s pools, go fishing 🎣, rent a bike, or just hang out swinging in a hammock. We’ve also seem some cool playgrounds. And, of course, you can’t forget the arcade.

Of course, no trip to the south would be complete without a visit from Tiana, herself. How cute is this cupcake? Tiana is even made out of white chocolate. It was very sweet and very delicious!

I’m very happy with our decision to “try something different” this time around. I can’t wait to continue exploring!

Who has stayed at Port Orleans Riverside? What do you think of it?


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