Our Experience At Be Our Guest and How To Score Reservations At Any Disney World Restaurant

After months and months of waiting, the day finally came…our day at Be Our Guest.

We scored a lunch reservation at Be Our Guest for 1:45 pm. I couldn’t have found a better time. We had Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party that night, so we had our lunch and went back to Port Orleans – Riverside for a quick swim to cool down and get ready for our late night ahead. It was one of the most magical days you could have at the Magic Kingdom.

We arrived shortly before our reservation, where we were greeted by a Cast Member. We were told that we were free to walk inside the restaurant, order our food, and look around. I couldn’t believe that the day had finally come. I was so excited!

Our reservation was for lunch, so we were able to use our Quick Service credits to pay for our meal. If I have said it enough already, I LOVE the meal plan! I get sticker shock whenever I look at the menus at Disney, so knowing that our food is already taken care of is a huge load off my mind.

We ordered our food and found a place to sit. I have 2 boys, so of course, they wanted to sit in the Beast’s room. What boy wouldn’t want to sit in a dark room with slashed curtains and a mural of Prince Adam/Beast on the wall? They loved listening to the “loud thunder” because that’s when Prince Adam’s picture briefly turns into the Beast. They looked over at the picture every single time and smiled.


While we waited for our food to be delivered, we walked around with our mouths wide open (ok…maybe that was just me). The ballroom is absolutely beautiful. Pictures do not do this room justice. From the chandeliers to the snow falling outside the window, I almost wished my boys had wanted to eat their lunch in this room. It is so magical.


Of course, we also had to check out Beauty and the Beast’s room. The pictures on the wall were adorable and to see Belle and the Beast dancing in the middle of the room was the best part of the whole room. There really isn’t a bad seat in the whole restaurant. It is so hard to believe that an atmosphere like this could be Quick Service.


It didn’t take long before our lunch was brought to our table. I really wish there would be more Vegetarian options to choose from, but I’m not complaining. My meal was delicious. I will definitely order it again next time I go to Be Our Guest (and there WILL be a next time 🙂 ). Since we had so many snack credits to use for the week, we also ordered dessert. How can you NOT get a dessert in the Beast’s castle? My boys, of course, got the Gray Stuff. No surprise, they loved it. They didn’t even need to ask the dishes before they ordered. They were all about the Gray Stuff. Since I’m not a fan of chocolate Oreos (I’m weird, I know), I ordered the Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake. OMG! If I had to choose my all time favorite treat of the whole trip, this is it! I couldn’t get enough of it. I didn’t even care that I was full from my lunch. I was going to finish that cupcake!

I had a magical time and wonderful meal at Be Our Guest. We already have another trip planned for 2018, so this is one restaurant that I am definitely booking again. Believe me, my 180 day mark is already in my calendar!

Now that you’ve read about my experience, find out how you can get a reservation of your very own, at Be our Guest or any other restaurant on property…

How can YOU score a reservation at any restaurant on Disney World property?

  • The most popular, and most effective, way to score a reservation is to grab one right when your window opens on that 180 day mark. Remember that the 180 day mark refers to the first day of your vacation and you are able to book for the entirety of your vacation at that point. You may find that you’re more successful if you look for openings towards the end of your trip. (I booked mine on Day 5 of our 7 day trip)
  • Enlist in the help of your Travel Agent. We can’t magically create openings, but we’ve been known to work some magic. And it doesn’t hurt to have an extra set of eyes looking for you. The best part?…an authorized Disney Travel Agent is completely free to you.
  • Keep checking My Disney Experience. When you make a reservation, you are required to put a credit card on file (it does not get charged). In the event that you fail to make your reservation, that is when your card is charged a fee. Many guests make dining reservations, just to realize later that their plans have changed. To avoid being charged that fee, guests must cancel their reservations at least 24 hours prior to their reservation. Which means, it is very possible to find an opening at a specific restaurant at very short notice.
  • Some guests have better luck calling 407-WDW-Dine. As great as the modern age of computers are, sometimes they’re no match to speaking to an actual person.
  • If all else fails, you may try walking up to the hostess and politely asking if there are any available tables. Even though guests are hit with a fee for not showing up, it still happens, leaving tables open to be filled. I saw a family do just this when we were leaving Be Our Guest. Instead of turning the family away for their last minute request, the Cast Member asked if they wouldn’t mind waiting a few minutes while they check for an available table. I never did see whether or not the family was able to eat there that day, but with the amount of empty tables we had just seen, I would be very surprised if they were turned away. It never hurts to ask…
IMG_7426 (2)
Enchanted Rose in the Beast’s Room



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