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Pumpkin Carving Has Never Been Easier, Thanks To The Vita For Home Tool Set

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is looking for the best pumpkin carving tools… Something to make cleaning out and carving pumpkins easier. Well, I’m here to tell you…

I’ve found it!

Over the years, we’ve had many pumpkin carving tools…too many to count. The blades bend, get stuck in the pumpkin, or they just don’t work. But not this year…

When Vita for Home asked if I would review their awesome product, I joyfully said “Yes!” (Find out how you can get your own Tool Set later on in this post).

The best thing about these tools is that not only are they made of stainless steel (more durable than other tools we’ve had in the past), they also work if you are left handed, like myself. Notice the serrated edges…they’re on both sides of the scoop!  Oftentimes I will hear about some amazing new product, then I realize that it only works if you’re right handed. It’s so refreshing to see an amazing product that I can actually use.

The tools were really easy to use. I cut out my pumpkin and handed the carving saw off to my oldest. Usually my boys will end up asking me for help cutting out their pumpkins, but my 13-year-old thought it was so easy that he ended up cutting his and his brother’s pumpkins out, all my himself.

IMG_7875 (2)

My boys opted for the traditional Jack-O-Lantern, whereas I went to Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas. My youngest decided to be Jack Skellington for Halloween this year, so when I found a stencil for Oogie Boogie on Pinterest, it was like it was meant to be. I’m pretty happy with how it came out. And I probably wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without the help of my Vita for Home Tool Set.

How can you get your own Vita for Home Pumpkin Carving Tool Set?

Visit Amazon or visit Remember to enter the coupon code RR6J3XMB for save 20% off your order

Once you’ve carved your pumpkin, post to Instagram for a chance to win a $200 Amazon Gift Card!

  • Make sure you tag Vita for Home in your photo
  • Remember to use the Hashtags #VitaforHome, #CelebratewithVita, and #CarvingContest
  • Don’t have Instagram? You may also email
  • All entries must be received by November 20th.


Good Luck! I’d love to see what all my wonderful readers came up with!

**I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own and they are not influenced by Vita for Home**

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