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Character Autographs – Alternatives To The Autograph Book

I don’t care how old you get, meeting your favorite Character is one of the best parts of a Disney Vacation. These characters never age (seriously…whatever beauty products they’re using, I want them!), so seeing them look the way you saw them as a child will make you feel like a kid again. No wonder Peter Pan never wants to grow up. Being a kid is awesome!

Look Beyond the Autograph Book

I love Autograph Books. In fact, my boys made their own to bring with them. But, as great and as fun as they are to look at, they’re not really something that you see on a daily basis. So, here are some alternatives to the Autograph Book and Disney Characters will be more than happy to sign for you.

Photo Mats

I meant to buy one for our last trip, but with so many things going on (can anyone say 2 hurricanes?) I completely forgot. Oh well, there will ALWAYS be a next time.

Having a signed Mat with a picture from your trip is the perfect way to see those Autographs on a daily basis. I’m actually kind of glad that I forgot to buy one for our last trip. At first I was thinking of getting one larger Mat, but now I’m thinking of getting 4! How awesome would my wall look with Character Autographs separated by which park I saw them in? Actually, now that we’re on the subject, I better buy 2 more. We are already starting to plan a Disneyland trip for 2019! YAY! I will need them for Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure, as well.

These specific colored mats can be found at Amazon, but craft stores are great place to purchase them, as well. If you do decide to go to a craft store, Don’t forget your coupon! Craft Stores LOVE coupons, and I love them for that!

Autograph Plush

I don’t know how I’ve never seen these before now. This is an amazing alternative to the Autograph Book. These Character Plushes are actually make for autographs, so there are no worries about not being able to read the handwriting or the surface not being suitable to hold ink. Just make sure you pay attention to the shipping information. If you would like one (or all of them :)) for your next trip, make sure you are purchasing them in advance. They do have free shipping (yay), but they are not eligible for Amazon Prime. Oh Amazon Prime, you’ve spoiled me with fast shipping!

These Plushes are available in:


There are so many great Disney Books out there with pictures of the characters in them. Bring one with you and have the Characters sign next to their picture. Bonus: This may get you some extra time with the characters, since they can’t help but read what’s being written about them. You know…to check for accuracy. 😉 A couple of adorable girls in front of us had their favorite books with them for Jasmine and Aladdin to sign. They loved it!


I have heard of guests bringing pillowcases with them for characters to sign, but I’ve never actually seen anyone do it. Nevertheless, guests will sign basically anything you hand to them, including pillowcases. As adorable as I think this will look, I worry about the long term. Unless you use it for display purposes only, I would worry about what washing the pillowcase would do to the autographs. If you do use a pillowcase, I would definitely spring for some really good laundry markers. If they do get faded with the wash, you can always book another vacation to grab more signatures. 🙂


As long as you are not wearing the clothing (Disney has strict rules about this), Characters will have no problem signing your shirt, shoes, hat, or anything else you hand them.

Like the pillowcase, I would be afraid of fading and signatures rubbing off in the wash, but it’s completely up to you, so if you decide to go this route, make sure you invest in a good laundry marker to make those autographs last as long as possible.


Who remembers Polaroid pictures? (Am I showing my age?) Anyway, I liked them then and I like them now. If you hand your camera to the Photopass Photographers (nicely), they will take your picture with your camera. After the picture is taken, have that Character sign underneath. Voila! Instant souvenir. I’d also bring a small photo album to keep them all in so they don’t get scratched or smooshed.

Park Maps

Do you like to display your park maps? I actually think that would be pretty cool. Or maybe you forgot to bring something for the Characters to sign and now you’re panicking. Don’t worry. A Park Map will do the trick.

Get your picture taken (free) and have the Character sign the map in the area in which you found him/her in (also free). Who says that everything at Disney has to be expensive?



I actually got this ornament during our latest trip to Disney World. I think it would have been adorable to have some characters sign it, but due to the fragility of the glass, and the fact that there is not a lot of room in between the snowflakes, I think that this would be something best left to the princesses and other non-fluffy Characters.

Also, if your ornament is made of glass, make sure it is signed with a marker specifically made for glass or else your Autograph will wipe right off…and we wouldn’t want that. Again, this would be better left for non-fluffy characters. We wouldn’t want Mickey Mouse to end up with paint on his fingers, would we?



Can you imagine a plate with a bunch of autographs on them? Not only would it be adorable, it is something that you will be able to look at day after day.

If you’re worried about carrying ceramic or glass around with you, you can also get a plastic plate. Not only will you not be worried about it slipping through the Character’s hands, it is lighter to hang on the wall. Remember to use appropriate markers or the Autographs may not last 🙁

NOTE: Disney does state that glass containers (besides Baby Food Jars and perfume bottles) are prohibited from being brought into the Parks. One could argue that a plate is not a container, but I could see security not allowing it into the parks. So, if you would like a signed plate, stick with plastic, Book a Character Dining Reservation OUT of the Parks (although you may not get as many), or if you have a Disney Cruise in the works, save the glass plate for then. I’ve seen some great Autographed Plates from guests who have gone on Disney Cruises.

If you have any other ideas you think we should add, let us know!

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