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One thing that always goes with me on Vacation is Flavored Water Enhancers. I never know what the water will take like where I’m traveling, so just in the off-chance that it’s not as tasty as I’d like, I know I can add some flavor to my water and not have to worry about getting dehydrated.

So, since I’m purchasing Water Enhancers already, it would be silly to pass up the chance at getting little something back in return.

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Find You Flavorite Rewards

(It is NOT a typo…make sure you stick the little L in there!) 

Much like the other apps and Rewards sites I’ve mentioned before, getting credit and redeeming your reward is super easy! All you really need to do is upload a photo of your receipt and you’re done. You don’t even need to scan any barcodes! Once your receipt is processed, your glasses will fill up, until you have enough to redeem your prize.

Kool-aid, Crystal Light, Mio, Country Time, and Tang all qualify for these Rewards.

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Earn Rewards on Products You Are Already Buying

I only need one more for a $10 Gift Card!

Who wants more savings?

If you receive the Sunday newspaper, you will see that there are a few coupons in there for these products.

Didn’t get the paper? No problem, just let the Coupon Clippers know which coupons you want and they’ll send them to your house for you!

The Coupon Clippers

Kool-aid  NO longer available 🙁

Country Time or Tang

Crystal Light



You can easily get another $3 – $5 Gift Card just for purchasing these products!

If you’ve never heard of Fetch, you should definitely check it out! It’s like Ibotta, Savings Star, and the other Grocery Apps out there, but it’s easier! As much as I love my other Grocery Apps, what’s great about Fetch is that you earn points, even when you purchase items that aren’t on their list of Special Offers. Basically, you’re guaranteed points whenever you go grocery shopping.

How do you quickly earn your $5?

New User? You’ll receive $2 (2000 Points) when you enter the referral code N2JJP. You will not receive the $2 unless you use the code. 🙁

Upload your receipt! Although I combined Sales Prices and Coupons in my transactions, I received credit for the full price of the product, so it added up much quicker (Although it may not always work that way as it all depends on how their system reads your receipt). Once you’ve spent your $10 (or less, in my case) you will receive your $3 (3000 Points).

Now that you have made a quick $5, you can redeem for a number of Prizes (including more Amazon Gift Cards!)


Not bad for Products I’m already purchasing

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