These Apps Are Waiting For You to Take Their Money

I can not be the only one who feels like the food in my house leaves this house just a quickly as it comes in. With 2 growing boys, I feel like I am always making a list and heading to the store with my envelope full of coupons. And that’s where my Grocery Apps have always helped me. Money back for grocery shopping? Yes, please!

I’ve used some of my Apps for years…and I’ve gotten hundreds of dollars back from them. But, I admit, it took me awhile to realize that I could use these savings to pay for my family’s vacations. And once I started using my FREE money to pay for my vacations, I haven’t looked back.

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Once I reach $25 to $50, I cash out and use that money to purchase a Disney Gift Card. Every single one of my Disney Gift Cards is bought using FREE money. Who doesn’t like FREE?


Here are a few of my Favorite Grocery Apps

Ibotta – This Grocery App is my favorite! I’ve used this app for quite a few years and it is consistently my biggest money maker. If you have Facebook, you can team up with your friends to earn bonuses. A little competition is healthy, right? Not too long ago, my sister got a $10 bonus just for buying 1 item at Walmart!! Not all bonuses are that big, but even the little amounts add up!!

Saving Star – This is another app that I have had a lot of luck with. Like ibotta, you just need to scan the grocery item and then submit your receipt to receive your rebate. The only differences is that you are able to put in a few store loyalty cards in…which is awesome because as long as the items are activated in your app beforehand, you don’t have to do anything besides scan your card at the register to get the cash back.

**Notice to those of you with BJ’s Wholesale Club memberships – if you share a membership, although you have different card numbers, the first person to sign up for Savingstar will get the money back. I am a secondary user on my mom’s membership and when she tried putting in her membership number, she got a notice saying her card was already being used by a different member. We were confused until all of a sudden I noticed that her purchases were showing up as money in MY account! Thanks Mom! 🙂** 

Checkout 51 Home

Checkout 51 – Although Checkout 51 is a little bit of a slow earner for me, it’s still a good app. You don’t have to scan the products you buy, unless the rebate is a higher demonination. The receipt is proof enough that you bought the item. The biggest difference with this app over the other Grocery Apps is that Checkout 51 sends a check to your home. It does not give you the option to cash out online. So, if you plan on using that money, plan a couple weeks before the check arrives in the mail.

Fetch Rewards – I haven’t used this app for very long, but it’s quickly becoming my top earner. It’s like other Grocery Apps out there, but it’s easier! As much as I love my other Grocery Apps, what’s great about Fetch is that you earn points, even when you purchase items that aren’t on their list of Special Offers. Basically, you’re guaranteed points whenever you go grocery shopping. Scan your receipt and you’re done!

New User? You’ll receive $2 (2000 Points) when you enter the referral code N2JJP. You will not receive the $2 unless you use the code. 🙁 Sorry…

Cash Dash – This app has always been a hit or miss for me. I either find a lot of offers that I could redeem or nothing at all. But, what I do like about this app is that not only does it require nothing more than a quick photo of your receipt, once you hit $25, they automatically sent the money to your PayPal account. So, for these 2 things alone, it’s worth having the app on my phone.

I used to have more apps on my phone, but after sitting on my phone for what seemed like an eternity, and earning me nothing, I decided to delete them.


Once I get home, I like to put the items that I know are going to be scanned on the kitchen table, along with my receipt/s, so everything is all set up for me. Then, one by one, I go through each app and scan away. For about 15 minutes of work, I am able to pay off my Vacations, so it’s definitely worth my time to do it.

Do you know of any other apps that are not on this list? I’d love to hear about them!

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