Captain America S’mores Dip

Being in a house full of boys, my life is filled with more Superheroes than Princesses.

In fact, the only little “Princess” in my house is this little cutie. And boy, does she live up to that title…

Anyway, since Superheroes basically take over my house, it just makes sense that Superheroes would take over my snacks, as well.


Captain America S’mores Dip

Now, if I wold have just looked in my cupboards ahead of time, I would have seen that I didn’t own any Blue Sugar Crystals. But since I wasn’t in the mood to go back to the grocery store, I had to make do with Blue Sprinkles. So, I didn’t quite get the look I was going for, but these were tasty nonetheless. My son even told me that this S’mores Dip was even better than a regular s’more…so that’s all that matters to me.

I’m sure there are many other S’mores Dip Recipes out there. And this one is no different. How many ways are there to make S’mores anyway?


I lined the bottom of my pan with all that chocolately goodness. (I ended up using 3 Chocolate Bars – with 1 square left over…don’t worry, it didn’t go to waste 🙂 ) You could use chocolate chips if you didn’t have any chocolate bars, but my local store is having a deal on S’mores Ingredients, so I went the traditional Hershey’s Chocolate Bars.


My hands were getting all sticky from the marshmallows, so I didn’t get to take pictures of the process, but it was so simple. I cut the marshmallows in half, wet the top slightly (just enough for the sugar to stick) and placed the sticky side on the chocolate. I guess I could have just used the sticky inside of the marshmallow to get the sugar to stick, but my crazy brain didn’t like how the bottom looked, so I did it this way. Why must I always take the more difficult route?

I pre-heated my oven to 450 Degrees and bake my Dip for 7 minutes. For my oven, it’s the perfect temperature and time. It’s just enough to melt everything without having the marshmallows get too big and explode. This is why I would not suggest using this recipe in the microwave. Unless you’ve done it before and succeeded. (I can just see myself making a big sticky mess.)


Kid Tested, Captain America Approved

I sprinkled what little Blue Sprinkles I had left before serving it to my boys. Of course, they all settled in the crevices between the marshmallows…but, you get the point.


There are no other words besides YUM!



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