Disney With Teenagers is the BEST

I’m sure we all agree that there is nothing cuter than seeing a little one meet their favorite character for the first time. Double the cuteness if they’re dressed up like that character.

But, what happens when that little one grows older? Can you still have as much fun at Disney with a teenager? My answer is YES!

Why doing Disney with Teenagers is the BEST


No Strollers!

When you go with teenagers, you don’t have to deal with the mess of the Sea of Strollers. You can hop from attraction to attraction without worrying about where you left that darn stroller.

They have endless amounts of energy

Even the most “tired” teenager manages to find lots of energy when there are food and rides around. If you want to Park Hop til you drop, you have a better chance of conquering that with a teenager than with a small child.


They’re More Independent

Teens may be able to go off on their own for awhile, leaving some alone time for mom and dad. Later on, you can come together to have a family meal and talk about what adventures each person had while you were apart.

Older Teens can buy their own souvenirs

Money-smart teens may have jobs where they’ve been able to save a little bit of money. That means that if they want something, they can use their own money to buy it. And if they’re using their own money, they may think twice about if they really need it before handing over their whole paycheck to buy it.


Teenagers appreciate the small details

Small children love attractions for their favorite characters and the visual stimulation. As those kids get older, they start to appreciate the history of certain attractions and help you find Hidden Magic that not every Guest will realize is there. There is not a week that goes by that my 14 year old doesn’t tell me about some new fact he read about. And I love how excited he gets when he’s telling me about the new things he’s learned.

They help plan the trip

One of the best things about having a teenager is that they can help you plan the trip. Although I plan Family Trips for a living, I always enlist the help of my teenager when it comes to planning our trips. We sit down with crowd calendars, a piece of paper and a pen, and get to work figuring out where we should be and what we should eat on any given day of the trip. Then when it comes time to start planning fastpasses, although I’m the one waking up waaaaay too early, he has input on which rides we should get fastpasses for. He gets such a sense of pride in knowing that his planning helps make our trips successful.

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You actually get your money’s worth when eating out

Having 2 growing boys, they’re at the point where they’re eating their weight in food each day. Since younger kids don’t usually eat too much, especially when they’re away from home, you never really feel like you’re getting your money’s worth at any meal. I love Quick Service Restaurants since sharing plates, even amongst adults, are always no problem. But if you want to book Buffets or All You Care To Eat Meals (some are also Character Dining) then you will be charged per person (ages 3+) no matter how much or little they eat. In this case, eating your weight in food is a good thing!

What do you like best about traveling with Teens?




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