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Just like the post I wrote about the Magical Express, how to pay for your Disney Vacation is another frequently asked question.

And it’s a question I’m more than happy to answer.

Walt Disney Travel Gift Card
This is how I pay for my Vacations!

Does Disney accept Disney Gift Cards as payment for your Vacation Package?

Yes! Disney allows you to pay for everything from Park Tickets, to Vacation Packages, to Special Event Tickets using Gift Cards.

Paying for your Package is no different than paying with a gift card through an online retailer.

Why Pay With Gift Cards?

There are many reasons Guests prefer to use Gift Cards to pay off their Vacations.

  • Safety – I’m very hesitant to give out my credit card information. So, when I used a Travel Agent to book my first Disney Vacation as an adult, I paid off my balance with Gift Cards. Now do I think she would have done something fraudulently with my information? Absolutely not! But, it was the form of payment I was most comfortable giving out via phone and/or email.
  • You can actually pay less for your vacation – Sounds crazy, right? But if you purchase discounted Gift Cards from stores like Target, BJ’s, and Sam’s Club you will be saving money right off the bat. At an estimated 5% Savings, that could mean a savings of $200 if you booked a $4000 Package. That’s souvenir money!
  • Keep track of how much you’ve saved – Personally, because I am constantly earning money through various methods in order to get a Free Vacation, it’s easier for me to just put it all on a Gift Card. I’ve just found that if these earnings go into my checking account, there’s a greater chance that the money never makes to my Disney Balance.

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Toy Story Walt Disney

What do I do with multiple Gift Cards?

When I get another Disney Card, I combine the new cards onto my Primary Card, which is linked on the Disney Gift Card website. Once I have a few hundred dollars on that Primary Card, I’ll apply that dollar amount to pay down my balance.

If you look under “Manage Cards”, you will see the tab labeled “Transfer Balance”. Just input the new card number and hit the transfer button. The balance has now been added to your Primary Card. Quick and easy…

And once my Balance is paid off, I keep earning and adding to this card to pay for my souvenirs. My credit card NEVER comes out during my trip! Everything is paid for with Gift Cards to stay on budget.

Added bonus – Another good reason to have your money on Disney Gift Card, is that you can access your money from anywhere. I have heard a story of someone accidentally leaving their Primary Card at home when they left for vacation.

Instead of feeling down, she just bought a $25 Gift Card on Property, went online, and transferred her money over to the new card. Sure, she had to spend an additional $25, but she was able to access all of her money, even though she forgot her Primary Card at home.

The same process could also be used if you lose your Gift Card.

Not sure if Gift Cards are the way to go?

No problem. Buying, transferring, and holding gift cards aren’t for everyone.

But, if you’re like me and you’re uncomfortable just giving out your information, I do allow my clients to pay through Venmo and Paypal. I can apply those payments for you without ever seeing your Credit Information.

Proof of Payment will be sent to you via email whenever you make a payment. An itinerary, including your Payment History will also be sent to you via Snail Mail once your Package is paid in full.

You can also keep track of your payments with this printable chart – Click on the photo to print

Disney vacation planner

Disney Travel Vacation Planner Notebook
Place them in a binder with your Gift Cards to keep everything together.

Complete your Planning Binder with these free printables

Travel Info

Disney Planner

Packing List

Dining Reservations

Payment History


Magical Express – MCO

Don’t Forget your Baseball Card Pages to hold all those Gift Cards!Β 

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11 Replies to “Paying For Your Disney Vacation With Gift Cards”

  • Yes!!!! We buy our Disney gift cards at BJs WITH our Disney VISA. That way we’re earning the 1% back on top of the gift card savings. We ended up saving $80 on our $2000 vacation package, so we are using it to go to California Grill for the first time!

  • Even better yet, buy them when your local grocery store/gas station chain has the maximum fuel rewards. Save money on gas, And get the cards at a discount by purchasing them with a credit card that gives you percentage back. Right now we use a card which gives us 5 % cash back then matches that 5% for a total of 10% πŸ™‚

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