DIY Mousekeeping Tags

If it wasn’t for the Mousekeeping Staff, as Disney affectionately calls them, I’m afraid of what my Hotel Room would look (and smell) after a couple long days in the Parks. Sharing one Hotel room with 3 boys for a whole week? That’s a lot of sweaty clothes and bodies crammed in one room.

Thanks to the Mousekeeping Staff, I don’t have to come back to a Room that would most likely end up smelling like a sweaty gym shoe.

So, while it’s not required, tipping is something a lot of Guests do as a way of thanking Mousekeeping for their services. Sure, you get a clean room, but they’re also known to sprinkle a little Magic in your room, especially for kids. My kids still talk about the time we came back to the room to find one of their stuffed animals hanging out in the curtains. That’s the kind of thing we’ve never experienced at any other Hotel we’ve stayed at.

Mousekeeping Tags

With less than 30 days to go until our next Walt Disney World Vacation, it’s time to get crafting!

And you know what that means? NEW Mousekeeping Envelopes! Or in this case, Mousekeeping Tags!

These are so easy to make, even if don’t consider yourself crafty. All you need is scrapbook paper, a glue stick, and scissors. If you have a hole punch, that could be used for the top, as well.

You’ll be able to see that I used my Cricut to cut out the tags, but it’s not necessary. It’s just my personal preference. (I have included 2 types of links at the bottom of this post. One for those who use Cricut, and one for those who don’t).


Although we’re going in September, we will be attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. All of Magic Kingdom also has their Fall / Halloween decorations up, so I figured I’d go with a few Halloween Themed Mousekeeping Tags. I just used some scrap paper I had lying around.


I chose these tags because, while simple, they have a bit of an angled edge to them. It’s a subtle curve, but straight edges don’t give the playful / fun look that I was looking for.

I arranged my scrap pieces of cardstock on my Light Grip mat and let my Cricut do it’s thing. If you don’t use Cricut, you can just print out the template below and use it as a stencil. Either way works.


The fun part is decorating! There is no wrong way to do it, so have fun with it. As long as you remember to only use a small amount of glue on the bottom and 2 side edges, you’re good. You’re going to need the top open to slide the money into the pocket.

Don’t forget to Label! Oops! I took the pictures before labeling these Tags specifically for Mousekeeping, but this is an important step to take. They can not tell the difference between money that was specifically left out for them and money that was accidentally left out, so if there is any doubt, they will not take it from you.

Want to make your own?

2018-08-27 (1)

There are 2 ways to get it!

Mousekeeping Tag  – Printable

Just print, trace onto some cardstock, and decorate! Seriously, it’s that simple!


If you prefer to have Cricut cut out your tags for you, the link will place it right on the mat for you. Want to cut out more than one at a time? Remember to change the number of copies.

2018-08-27 (3)_LI.jpg

Prefer Mickey-shaped Envelopes?

Print out these Mousekeeping Envelopes!

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