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One of those frequently asked questions I get is “What is My Disney Experience?”

You’ve probably heard plenty of times that you NEED to use My Disney Experience. But, when you’re new to Walt Disney World planning, you may as well have been asked to learn a whole new language. It can be confusing and completely overwhelming when you don’t know what people are talking about.

So, here’s the scoop…

My Disney Experience is a completely free app that you can download from your phone’s App Store. If you’re in front of your computer, you can also access the information at


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My Disney Experience is your complete guide for everything Disney (World) related. Disneyland has its own App. It holds the key to all your Disney Plans. And now it’s even a literal key to your Hotel Room, but we’ll get into that later on in this post.

Why this app is so important

Wait Times

One of the first things you see when you open the app is the current wait times. It defaults to a map of Magic Kingdom and the current wait times in that Park, but you’re able to zoom out to see the other Parks. Use filters to show a list, rather than a map, and/or only see wait times for one Park at a time.

Want to know how long a wait is for a ride across the Park? Save the steps and just open the App. If the wait time is too long, you can easily see the attractions with lower wait times.



Another thing you see when you first open the app is “My Plans“. I can not tell you how helpful it is to have your plans for the day right there in one place. Everything you have booked for the day will be there so you’ll never miss a fastpass or a meal time.


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Hotel / Park Tickets

As soon as I book my next Package, the first thing I do is link the details to My Disney Experience. You will see your Hotel and Park Tickets linked right away.

Why does it matter if it’s in the App or not?

Having all the details in your app makes it easier to plan other parts of your vacation. Fastpass+ is free for everyone with a Park ticket, but there’s only 2 ways to grab them…online and at the kiosks in the Parks. Although you know that you have Park Tickets, the app doesn’t know that. Linking them as soon as possible means gaining access to these essential tools. And it’s one less thing you have to worry about later.


You can make, change, and cancel Dining reservations right on your phone. The App even adds your reservation to your Itinerary so you’ll always remember what time to show up for your meal.

With the addition of Mobile Ordering, you can also order your food right from the App. Just choose what you want and once you’re heading in the direction, tell them you’re on your way. It’ll be ready for you when you get there. If you’re not using Mobile Ordering, you should!

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This is the single most helpful part of My Disney Experience. If you remember nothing else about this App, remember this. You can book your Fastpasses, see what time they are, and book even more Fastpasses with just a few clicks.

I find it easier to book my initial 3 fastpasses with my computer, but if you’re not around one, the app works as well. As soon as you’ve used up your first 3 fastpasses of the day, open the app and see what else is available. Once you scan your Magic Band, you’re able to grab a new one, even if you’re still in line, so the App comes in handy in the Parks.


Can’t wait another second to get into the Parks? Check-in on your App and skip the front desk altogether. You will receive an email and/or text when your room is ready. We knew where our room was before we even left Houston last year.

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There are photographers scattered throughout Disney Property, ready to capture all your magical moments in Walt Disney World. If they scan your Magic Band or Magic Maker card, those pictures will show up on My Disney Experience.

Even if you didn’t purchase the Photo package, you will be able to see the pictures (with a watermark plastered across it). You save $30 if you purchase the Memory Maker ahead of time, but if you didn’t, you can make the decision to purchase individual pictures or the whole package after the pictures have already been taken.

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Bus Waits

This is a new feature and it’s proving to be a very welcoming addition to the App. Never again will you wonder where you bus us. Running in real-time, you will always know how much time you have until your next bus will be making its return trip.

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Unlock your Resort Door

Another brand new feature is the ability to open your Resort room door, using nothing more than your phone. Just open the app and press “unlock door”. So simple…

This does not replace your Magic Band, but it works in addition to it. If you forget your Magic Band in the room, you have another way to unlock your door.

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Shopping and Fun

Everyone likes to shop and have fun, right? You can do just that on the App, as well.

If you’re a Disney fan, chances are you know Shop Disney. There is a separate App, but if space is an issue on your phone, you can just use My Disney Experience. 

Another recent development is a fun little game called Play Disney. Waiting in line is no fun, so this App will help relieve some of that boredom. Play trivia games, listen to music, and earn achievements for going to Attractions. I can’t wait to try it out in 15 days when I head back to my home away from home. (Stay tuned for a review of the App, as well).

Haven’t downloaded the App yet? Here’s where you can find it!

My Disney Experience for Apple

My Disney Experience for Android

There are many Disney Apps out there. I’m not criticizing those other Apps (some are pretty fantastic), but this one is not only run by Disney, it’s also completely Free.


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