Apps You Should Have On Your Phone Before Your Disney Vacation

Everyone wants the best tips and tricks to help successfully execute the perfect Disney Vacation. And if it’s an app, you want it even more.

So, whether you’re using them to help plan your next vacation or you need something to hep kill the time while waiting in line, here are some Disney Apps you should have…because they’re awesome.


My Disney Experience / Disneyland App

Seriously, if you’re planning a Trip on either coast, the first thing you should do is download the app for the appropriate Resort. There is so much valuable information found on both of these apps, you will find yourself relying on it heavily during your trip.

Park Hours, Maps, Tickets, Hotels, Fastpasses, Photos, Food…they’re all found on these Apps. I hate to sound bossy, but seriously, DO IT!

The only downside is that your battery will drain FAST with the amount of times you will be be on the App. So, get a good portable phone charger and consider changing your wallpaper to a list of all your FastPasses and dining plans, so you’re not using your phone more than you have to.

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Your Airline’s App

Having your flight information all together is a game changer. I love being able to check in, find my flight number, and see what gate I’m supposed to be at from the comfort of my phone.

And since everything is right at your fingertips, you’ll know right away if something comes up, like a delayed flight or a gate change.

Don’t fly often? You can always erase the app when your trip is over to save space on your phone. When you plan your next flight, download the app again, log in, and your information will be there again.


If you’re driving, you’ll probably need some sort of GPS to get there. Honestly, even when I know where I’m going, there are so many traffic delays here in Houston that I’ll put it on at an attempt to avoid problem areas along my route.

I prefer Waze, but feel free to use to use whatever app you feel comfortable with. As long as it gets you there, I’m all for it.


Play Disney

Although this can also be found on My Disney Experience and the Disneyland App, you can also download it separately.

If you’ve been to Walt Disney World lately, you may have noticed the interactive game was taken out of 7 Dwarfs Mine Train.

Bummer, I know!

I’m not sure if this will happen with other rides, or there was possibly something electronic going on with the jewel game itself. But, I’ve heard some speculations that the line was being held up by those too interested in the game to keep moving forward. Honestly, I have noticed this to be the case, at times. So, perhaps in an attempt to help relieve some of these issues, Disney introduced the Play Disney App. With Guests now playing these games on their phone, the jewel game wasn’t really needed anymore.

Whatever the case may be, the app has some really cool games, music, and trivia that look forward to finally trying out on my upcoming trip. You can try some of the trivia and listen to some music from home, but in order to fully appreciate the app and earn awards, you need to be in the Parks.

Mickey Video

I just love this app. Whenever you’re in the mood for a little Mickey Mouse cartoon, I love how this one is right at your fingertips. As cute as the new Mickey shorts are, I really like the older cartoons that I grew up watching.

Every time I see Mickey’s Trailer, it takes me back to watching this on VHS with my sister. Decades later, my boys love it…to the point that whenever we have corn on the cob, they try to eat it just like Mickey and Donald.

The only thing that would make the app better would be if they allowed you to save videos to watch when you don’t have access to WiFi (like an airplane). But even without this feature, it’s a fun app to have and still great for killing time while standing in line or relaxing in your Hotel Room.

Show Your Disney Side

In a silly mood? Show your Disney Side is super cute! Take a picture of yourself, or a loved one, and transform yourself into a Disney Character.

Some even have little videos attached to it, or transformations (like the evil Queen to the old hag), so play around with it. We always have a good time with this app.

This can also be used without WiFi, so if you’re bored on the plane, you have something to do. Just try not to disturb your neighbors.

Movies Anywhere

Formerly, Disney Movies Anywhere, this is another great App to have on the go. You know those codes that come in the Disney DVDs? This is where you can watch them.

What better way to spend your time on the plane to Disney than watching one of your favorite Disney movies? Just make sure you click “Save Offline” on the movie(s) you want to watch on the plane. This is the only way you will be able to watch them without WiFi.

Which Disney Apps do you like to have on your phone?


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