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Pizzafari – Family Style Dining Review

We recommend checking out Pizzafari Family-Style Dining prior to reading this Review for Pricing and general details pertaining to this experience.

One of the new additions to Disney Dining is the Family-Style Quick Service Dining at Pizzafari in Animal Kingdom. I had never eaten at Pizzafari before, so I decided to give it a try.


While reservations are recommended, there was definitely an opportunity to show up without one and still get seated. When we showed up, there was only one other family in the room with us. They left not long after we arrived, leaving us with a full room to ourselves. It wasn’t until we were almost finished eating that another couple showed up.

After being in other Quick Service Restaurants where we were sometimes frantically searching for a place to sit (especially for 8 people!), this was a nice and welcome change.

Checking in

Our reservation was for 6 25 PM, but I mistakenly put 6 45 PM into my Apple Watch, so we were a little late. I had added my Fastpasses and Dining Reservations to my calendar, to limit the amount of times I would be opening My Disney Experience to check the times. Fortunately, this was the only mistake I made when I was inputting the times.

We walked in 10 minutes after our Reservation, but the Cast Member was nice about it. And since the Restaurant was virtually empty, there was no problem getting our table

If you are on the Dining Plan, this meal will cost you 1 Quick Service Credit. We thought this was a great deal, as the experience, itself, is $19.99 per Adult Guest (meaning ages 10+) and the food is unlimited.

After paying at the kiosk, we were told to show our receipt at the counter to receive our Appetizers and Drinks. This is the only portion of the meal that you will need to physically pick up and bring to your table. The rest of the meal is brought out for you.

The Food

With 8 people on the Reservation, we were told that this would mean we would be getting DOUBLE the amount of food at one time. And of course, this was all you care to eat, so they would bring more, if we asked.

After walking our 8 drinks and 4 appetizers to our table, we knew right away that there was going to be an enormous amount of food.

OMG…it was so much food! We could have been brought a single serving of the 4-person meal for the 8 of us and still wouldn’t have needed to ask for more.


I ate both the Caprese Salad and the Caesar Salad. Both were traditional salads that you can get elsewhere, so they weren’t amazing, but they were tasty. Knowing that the Entrees that were going to be coming our shortly were mainly meat-based, I ate more of the appetizers than the rest of my family.


The Entrees consisted of Baked Ziti, Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken, and a full Pepperoni Pizza.

I did have some of the Baked Ziti, since this consisted of no meat. Again, nothing spectacular, but pasta is pasta, so there was no complaining from me.

I did try some of the crust of the Pizza, and thought that tasted good, as well. I wished that I had asked them to substitute some of the Pepperoni slices for some plain cheese. I know that Disney wouldn’t have given me an issue about it, but since making the decision to cut meat out of my diet completely at age 12, I’ve had my share of comments and opinions to last me a lifetime. So, for the most part, I stay quiet.

I did not have any of the Fettuccine, for obvious reasons, although the chicken seemed to be mostly on the top of the dish. I could have pulled a noodle or two from the bottom of the bowl, and it probably would have been fine, but I didn’t.

Besides, I was so full at this point, I’m not sure how much more I could have eaten.


Miniature cannolis were brought out with the 3 entrees (or in our case, 6 entrees!).

Although I was full, those cannolis were calling my name so I managed to eat a few. There’s always have room for dessert, right?

Not everyone in my family felt the same way about these, but I liked them. In fact, we took some back to the resort with us in a to-go container and stuck them in the mini fridge for later.


Is it worth the price?

Although I didn’t try everything on the menu, I did try most of it. And what I did have, I really liked. It’s pretty standard food, so nothing is going to knock your socks off. But, the amount of food you receive is enormous! And you are welcome to bring anything home with you, if you don’t mind carrying it around the Park.

But, as much as we ate, there was a lot of food waste. I’m also not sure I personally ate $20 worth of food, especially since I couldn’t eat 2 of the main entrees. Perhaps I did, though…I really don’t know.

So, personally, if I had the chance to go again, I would absolutely spend the 1 Quick Service Credit. I was able to eat until I was completely stuffed and I brought additional food with me. However, I do think that I would ask for some substitutions on the main entrees.

But, the best part of the night was the quiet, private experience. You don’t normally have that Disney, much less at a Quick Service Restaurant. So, I think that alone was worth spending the 1 credit. Of course, you can’t count on that happening every single time. I think we just got lucky.

With that being said, had I needed to pay out of pocket, I don’t think I would do it again. And that’s just for the fact that I mostly filled up on the salads. Not to mention, if it was just my family of 4 that had gone, I would have spent close to $80, for standard Park food.

Had there been specialty desserts you can’t get elsewhere or experiences like 50’s Prime Time Cafe, I would say that paying out of pocket would be worth it. But, as it is, there’s nothing that sets Pizzafari apart from other Quick Service Restaurants.

Have you ever gone to Pizzafari? What was your experience? If you’ve tried out the new Family Style Dining, would you recommend it?


2 Replies to “Pizzafari – Family Style Dining Review”

  • Wow, that’s definitely a great deal for a Quick Service credit!!! I wouldn’t spend cash on it, considering it’s really nothing special and I’d rather head over to Flame Tree BBQ anyway…but for a QS credit? Sure, I’ll take unlimited pizza! XD

    Those cannolis look AMAZING!

    Thanks for the great review!!

    • Thanks Amy! That’s exactly what I thought. The food isn’t bad. It’s just nothing special. But, for the amount you get, it’s definitely a great value and worth paying the Quick Service Credit. But, if I had to pay in cash, there are other places I’d choose over this one.

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