Is Memory Maker Worth The Cost?

Is Magic Maker worth the price?

Memory Maker is a photo package that can either be added to your Walt Disney World Package or purchased separately.

If you purchase it separately, you may receive a PhotoPass card. You may scan your card, instead of your MagicBand, in the Parks. But, in order to view your photos, you will need to link that card to your My Disney Experience account online.

Is Memory Maker Worth The Cost?

Is Memory Maker Worth The Cost?

How does Memory Maker work?

There are PhotoPass photographers scattered throughout the entire Walt Disney World Resort.

Think of the places you want to have a picture taken of yourself or your entire family. Chances are there is a photographer stationed there.

Popular Photopass locations include:

  • Iconic Theme Park Landmarks – Cinderella’s Castle, Spaceship Earth, Tower of Terror, Tree of Life
  • Character Dining
  • Character Meet and Greets
  • New Areas of the Theme Parks – Pandora, Toy Story Land Sign

Once your photos are taken, the Photographer will scan your MagicBand. You will be able to view your photos on My Disney Experience in a matter of minutes.

Tower of Terror on-ride photo included with the cost of Memory Maker

What is included in the cost of Magic Maker?

Unlimited Photos and Videos

It’s not uncommon for families to go home after a week at Walt Disney World with 1000+ photos in their My Disney Experience account.

There is no limit to the amount of photos and videos that can be added to your account.

There are Photographers scattered throughout the entire Walt Disney Resort, including some Resorts. So, it’s extremely easy to get many pictures of your family over the course of vacation.

Attraction Photos and Videos

Select Attractions take photos and videos of your family while you’re on the ride. All of these on-ride photos and videos are free with the cost of Memory Maker.

Older Attractions – If the attraction has has photo and video capability for awhile (like Tower of Terror), you will need to tap your MagicBand on your way to the exit.

Newer attractions – If the attraction is brand new, or is an older attraction that has recently added photo capabilities (like Pirates of the Caribbean), your photos may automatically be added to your account, thanks to technology in the MagicBand.

While easier, the only issue with this system is that riding with multiple members of your family will result in multiple copies of the same photo added to your account.

Magic Shots

Magic Shots are only something you can get when you purchase Memory Maker.

A PhotoPass photographer may ask you to pose a certain way. These poses will enact the Magic Shot. When you view your photo on My Disney Experience, there will be a special character or special effect added to your photo.

If the photographer doesn’t automatically ask you to pose, just ask them if they have any Magic Shots. Not all photographers have them and each photographer may have a different Magic Shot.

Character Dining

Character Dining is a great way to see multiple characters in a short period of time.

PhotoPass Photographers are there to capture the moment your little one meets his/her favorite character or that special conversation you had. These photographers capture it all.

Hanging out with Goofy
Goofing around with Goofy

My Experience using Magic Maker

I debated purchasing it while I was planning my very first Walt Disney World vacation. I ended up purchasing it on the recommendation of my Travel Agent.

Multiple trips later, I still purchase it every single trip. At this point, I don’t think I could ever go to Disney and NOT get Memory Maker.

I know that I can take the same pictures on my own camera (and I do!) But, there is one big difference between my photos and the photos on Memory Maker.

I’m actually in them!

I’m usually the gal behind the camera. So, when I purchase Memory Maker, I know I’m getting awesome Disney photos that I’m actually in.

Who wants to go to Disney and not have any pictures of themselves to show for it?

Magic Maker photo in Disney's Animal Kingdom
Hanging out in Pandora

Is Memory Maker worth the cost?

From my understanding, if you opt to purchase individual photos, it will cost $15 per photo.

This means that in order to make the cost worth it, all you need to find is 12 photos that you love.

When you are getting hundreds or thousands of photos taken by these photographers, who wouldn’t be able to find 12 pictures they absolutely love?

7 Dwarfs Mine Train on-ride photo

7 Dwarfs Mine Train on-ride photo included with the cost of Memory Maker

Save Money By Purchasing Ahead Of Time

The cost of the Memory Maker is $199. But, if you purchase it ahead of time (at least 3 days beforehand), then you can pay the Advance Price of $169, for a savings of $30.

But, how would you like to pay even less than that?

My Disney Experience - Friends and Family List

My Disney Experience - Friends and Family List

Are you traveling with family or friends? Connect your friends and family to My Disney Experience and split the cost of the Memory Maker. You get all the perks for half the cost (or even less if you split it with even more people).

How do I know this works? My sister and niece were getting their photos taken with Tinkerbell while my sons and I were having our photos taken with Mickey Mouse. We stayed in different rooms and scanned different Magic Bands, but since we were traveling together, and linked together, all of our pictures were added to the same account.

Magic Maker infographic
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