Renting Strollers That Will Meet Disney’s New Size Restrictions

Renting Strollers That Will Meet Disney's New Size Restrictions

With the new Restrictions on the type and size of stroller that will be allowed into the Disney Parks, it has some parents wondering how they will get around Walt Disney World with their young children.

Renting Strollers That Will Meet Disney’s New Size Restrictions

Renting Strollers That Will Meet Disney's New Size Restrictions

When you have younger children, a stroller can be a must for maneuvering the Disney Parks.

However, strollers can be a hassle to travel with, especially if you’re flying.

For this reason, many families choose to rent strollers while they’re in Walt Disney World.

But, with Disney’s new size restrictions, where can you rent a stroller that will work for your family without it being too big to get into the Disney Parks?

Little girl sitting in a stroller with a hat and sunglasses

Buena Vista Rentals

If you’re looking for a comfortable, affordable stroller rental, you can’t go wrong with Buena Vista Rentals.

They’re cheaper than any deal you will get in the Disney Parks, and if you take Disney’s Magical Express from the Orlando International Airport, they’ll even deliver your stroller to your Resort, FREE of charge. Just pick it up and you’re on your way.

Does Buena Vista Rentals have double strollers that follow Disney’s new size restrictions?

Photos of Strollers, carried by Buena Vista Rentals, that will meet Disney's new size restrictions starting May 1, 2019

Starting May 1, 2019, your stroller will be required to be no larger than 31″ (79cm) wide and no longer than 52″ (132cm).

For parents with more than one small child, this is where panic set in when the new size restrictions were released.

Fortunately, all of Buena Vista Rentals’ strollers meet Disney’s new size Guidelines, including their double strollers!

Buena Vista Rentals

Benefits of renting through Buena Vista Rentals vs Walt Disney World


As of 2019, Walt Disney World charges $15 per day ($13 if you rent multiple days) for single strollers and $31 ($27 if you rent multiple days) per day for double strollers.

But, through Buena Vista Rentals, single and double strollers costs between $9.12 and $13.69 per day (including tax).


Walt Disney World’s strollers are made of a hard plastic composite. They don’t have the ability to recline nor do they offer much shade.

While they’re fine for older children, they really aren’t suitable for infants and some toddlers.

Peace of Mind

Walt Disney World’s strollers are restricted from leaving the Park you rented them in.

The good news is that you pay per day, not per Park. So, once you pay the rental price, if you decide to Park Hop, you can just show your receipt at the next Park to get your next stroller.

The bad news is that this means removing all belongings (and possibly a napping child) from the stroller with no guarantee of an available rental at the next park.

LIttle kids enjoying their double stroller

How can I rent a stroller from Buena Vista Rentals?

There are many Travel Agents, including myself, that will make these reservations for you. Just let me know whether you’d like a single stroller or a double stroller (joggers also available) and I’ll make the arrangements for you.

Buena Vista Rentals require you to make reservations at least 48 hours advanced notice. It is strongly recommended that you make a reservation as soon as possible, especially if you’re traveling during Peak Seasons, like Holidays, Summer, and school breaks.

Please visit Buena Vista Rentals for more information. Mobility Scooters are also available for rent. Buena Vista Rental also delivers to Universal Orlando Hotels!

Ready to plan your Disney Vacation? Let us help you!


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