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35 Free Souvenirs and Experiences at Walt Disney World

Everyone talks about how expensive it is to take a Walt Disney World vacation. But, would you believe that there are so many “things” you can get and experience for free? So many things at Walt Disney World are worth Read more…


Learning the Disney Lingo – Walt Disney World Edition

Although I had visited Walt Disney World as a child, it wasn’t until I was an adult with children of my own that I was able to make it back. I thought that because I had been there before, I Read more…

Automated PhotoPass – Good Idea or Bad Move?

PhotoPass/Memory Maker is a photo package that can be purchased to capture unlimited photos of you and your family with characters, on attractions, and in front of iconic Disney backdrops. Rumors involving Disney swirl around all the time. And to be Read more…

Memory Maker: Should you buy it?

Many people question whether Memory Maker is worth the cost to have it. You pay the initial cost to Disney, and then you have the cost of getting the photos printed when you get home. It can really add up! So Read more…

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