Why I Became A Disney Travel Agent

My very first trip to Walt Disney World was at age 6, right after I graduated Kindergarten. Although I was only able to go to Walt Disney World once during my childhood, it was always a place that I felt I needed to get back to. It was a place that felt like home.

It was magical!

It was because of those memories that I was determined to make sure my kids got to experience the same thing.

Except, the budget was (and still is) an issue. 

“Can we afford a Disney Vacation?” This is one statement that held us back from getting to the Happiest Place on Earth for a long time.

I spent countless hours coming up with different scenarios. I was doing all of this “research”, in hopes of getting the final cost down as far as I could. But, all that I was doing was creating more confusion.

I was overwhelmed!

Hiring My First Travel Agent

I had begun following a couple Disney blogs. I wanted to learn everything I possibly could about going to Walt Disney World on a budget and paying for that vacation using unconventional methods.

One, in particular, kept talking about their friends, who just so happened to be amazing Travel Agents at Destinations to Explore.

And although I kept seeing the benefits of using a Travel Agent, I never actually considered “hiring” one.

Because If I had a motto, it would be: “Why pay someone else for something I can do myself?”

After doing this for a few years (yes, years!) I finally decided to take action and fill out the FREE QUOTE that had been staring at me every time I logged onto one blog in particular.

But, to be honest, the one thing that kept popping up in my head was, “It’ll probably be too expensive.”

Princess Fairytale Hall

That First Email

I heard back from my agent in no time. And much to my surprise, the quote was less than many of the scenarios I had been putting together by myself.

Because I didn’t know what I was doing, I was adding things I thought I needed.

That’s when the proof of what everyone had been saying smacked me in the face. Everything was customized to me and my family.

I had been attempting to plan the “perfect vacation”, but I was basing my decisions on what others loved, not what was going to work for me and my family. She was giving me tips and suggestions that I hadn’t even thought of.

And best of all, she was doing all of this work for no additional cost.

That’s right…every single penny would go towards my vacation!

Saving Even More Money

Not long after we booked our vacation with our brand new Travel Agent, Disney released their Free Dining Promotion.

If I wasn’t already impressed by my Travel Agent, this would have been the very thing to change my opinion.

My Travel Agent worked her magic and added this promotion to my existing Package, while I sat at home going about my normal routine.

With the addition of this Promotion, my total balance dropped an additional $700! (With the increase in prices over the years, this Promotion now saves my family roughly $900!)

During this whole process, my thoughts had gone from, “I can’t afford to use a Disney Travel Agent,” to “I can’t afford NOT to use a Disney Travel Agent!”

Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney

A Lasting Impression

If it wasn’t for my very first Disney Travel Agent, I’m convinced that I would still be trying to plan my children’s first Disney Trip.

She made a lasting impression on me. She helped me break through the “I can do it myself!” attitude. And best of all, she helped me create the memories that I wanted to give my children.

From that moment on, I decided that I wanted to be that person. I wanted to be someone who helped make a family’s dreams come true. And that’s exactly what I did.

I became an Independent Travel Agent and Authorized Disney Vacation Planner with the very company that had helped me, Destinations to Explore.

There’s not many people who can say that they absolutely love their job. But, I can! And I feel very fortunate for that.


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